Dr Hutch: Reverse ‘proper cyclist’ snobbery

All ‘proper’ cyclists are used to being taunted by civilians, says the Doc, but what happens when one turns out to be better than you?

Dr Hutch April 29 Issue
(Image credit: Future)

Not long ago, out for a ride, I was approaching our local hill. Ahead of me by about 100 metres was a man on a mountain bike, wearing jeans and a hoodie, probably riding home from work. He glanced over his shoulder, saw me coming, and started to sprint.

I’ll be honest, this effort increased the amount of arse-crack on display much more significantly than it did his speed. After about 10 seconds, he backed off, glanced over his shoulder again and was clearly astonished that he had not seen me off. He repeated the process, and not to the betterment of the view. When I rode past, he spat at me, then said, “Sorry, mate, didn’t know you were there.”

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