Ask a coach: How can I train consistently when life is so hectic?

Many of us have big plans, but life gets in the way. Here's how to achieve your goals, amid the hustle

Female cyclist climbs in summer kit
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Following a formal cycling training plan, even amid an uncluttered existence, can be both physically and mentally demanding. Factor in a busy and perpetually evolving work and family life and it can become positively overwhelming – almost to the point of ‘let’s forget all this nonsense and take up television and crisps instead!’ But there are mechanisms we can employ to meld our lifestyles with our training programmes to get fit without risking burn-out. 

As a team coach, I’m well placed to help with this question. Our athletes generally fall into the category of balancing high-stress jobs, busy family lives and competitive training programmes. Here’s how we help steer our clients from base to race, while making the seemingly impossible become seamlessly achievable.

Image of coach Reya Usher
Raya Usher

An Ironman and British Triathlon certified coach, Raya is also team manager at Precision Coaching and TriDot:,

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Steve has been writing (mainly fitness features) for Cycling Weekly for 11 years. His current riding inclination is to go long on gravel bikes... which melds nicely with a love of carbs