Ask a coach: ‘How fit can I get on a 10-mile commute to work?’

Here’s how to best go about mixing up your commute for maximum fitness gains

Image show a man completing a workout as part of his cycle commute to work.
(Image credit: Getty Images / piola666)

A lot of cyclists ride to work. However, rather than simply being a mode of getting from home to your desk, the daily commute can form an important part of your training. My experience with athletes is that the daily commute is an undervalued and underutilised chunk of training time. 

So, to change that and to maximise on the many benefits of commuting by bike, let’s explore some ways in which you can make the most of this time on the bike and explore how it can tell us a little about the training process at the same time.

Image shows James Spragg.
James Spragg

Sports scientist and coach James Spragg is one of the experts who will be answering your questions in Cycling Weekly's ASK A CYCLING COACH series which comes out every Wednesday. Working both in research and applied settings, he currently runs Intercept Performance Consultancy

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James Spragg

James Spragg is a sports scientist and coach, working both in research and applied settings. When not working with athletes James can be found skiing, climbing, cycling or drinking coffee!

Alongside Dan Lorang and Peter Leo, James runs Intercept Performance Consultancy. Over the last 8 years in various roles, as coaches, performance consultants, performance managers, and sports scientists, Dan, James and Peter have played a role in helping athletes achieve more than 10 World Championship titles, several Olympics medals (including a Gold and Silver Medal in Tokyo 2020) and several Top 5 results in some of the biggest sporting events on the planet (Tour de France, Olympics, World and European Championships). Our single focus is on improving performance in all settings.