Ask the expert: Should I do high or low reps in the gym?

Chris Peden quashes a common strength and conditioning misconception

A man in the gym doing a plank row with dumbbell
(Image credit: Richard Butcher)

There are certain nagging questions in cycling that have a tendency to generate conflicting opinions and a confusing array of different views. In this ASK THE EXPERT series from Cycling Weekly’s print edition, we seek to clear up confusion by seeking out the experts best qualified to provide, if not the final word, then at least authoritative advice supported by verified expertise.

Strength training is an important component of training for cyclists, as it helps develop the bio-motor skills that underpin cycling performance. In recent years, strength training has slowly but surely grown more popular with cyclists, who have realised that it complements endurance training. As an S&C coach and cyclist, that makes me happy! 

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