Have you been training right for your stage of life? A doctor's guide to maximising your cycling potential at every age

To stay healthy and make long-term progress, we need to adapt to the hormonal changes that occur as we age

Image shows a person cycling
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The ancient Greek philosopher Hippocrates, often described as the father of medicine, would have made an excellent directeur sportif of a cycling team. 

Over 2,500 years ago he advised that the “surest way to health” was by giving each individual “just the right amount” of nutrition and exercise. The word hormone also originates from the ancient Greek, a term meaning “setting in motion” – and that’s spot-on because hormones set in motion our path to optimal health and performance from the moment we are conceived. 

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Honorary Clinical Lecturer at University College London, Dr Nicky Keay is the author of the book 'Hormones, Health and Human Potential'.