It's 'Indoor Training' week on Cycling Weekly – here's what's coming up

From 17–22nd October, here at Cycling Weekly, we'll be doing our bit to provide you with the tips and advice to maximise your fitness gains as we head into the indoor season!

Image shows a rider training indoors.
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This week we're celebrating cycling in the great indoors, in all it's forms. From seasoned 'indoor specialists' to those considering a stationary trainer for the first time (as well as everyone in between!) – we'll be sharing a whole host of advice to help you get the best out of your indoor experience.

Bike fitting to get the right sized bike

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For those just considering buying their first indoor trainer, the variety of choices and options can feel a little dizzying, even before turning your first pedal stroke – what specs do I really need? Is my bike compatible? And how much will this all cost?

Well, starting with the last question, we've got some good news for you there! Smart trainers today are much cheaper than they once were – you can even pick one up for less than a top-end pair of bib tights! Opting for a 'dumb' trainer setup will get you rolling for even less, but we'll be jumping into all those details – and much more besides – later this week!

Digging deeper...

Image shows someones feet in cycling shoes

(Image credit: Future)

For those of you who are happy with your setup and are raring to go, we'll got an avalanche of tips and advice for getting the best out of yourself. Of course, there's the e-racing scene – and we've got plenty to say on that – but there's much, much more to riding indoors than just this one corner!

We'll be sharing the best ways to challenge yourself on Zwift without entering a race, and giving you the lowdown on improve your time up the Alpe du Zwift (there's much more to it than 'just be stronger!')

That's all coming up, but  if you can't wait and want to get stuck in right now, we can give you the lowdown on the best indoor training apps and the best indoor cycling clothing we've reviewed. For more product suggestions, you can find our guide to the best turbo trainers here and the best smart bikes over here. 

Indoor training week content schedule

We'll be adding hyperlinks as the pages go live...

  1. Eight ways to make your turbo sessions more enjoyable
  2. How to challenge yourself on Zwift without entering a race
  3. Are your indoor and outdoor rides working against each other?
  4. All the essentials to get started cycling indoors (on a budget – or not)
  5. Climb faster up the Alpe du Zwift: here's how to improve your time
  6. Five turbo sessions hand-picked by the pros
  7. The best workouts and training plans on Zwift – the coach’s choice
  8. Smart bike or top-end turbo: What’s the ultimate setup for Zwift racing?
  9. Are group cycling classes a fitness quick win or a road to ruined legs?
  10. Zwift racing vs Base Building: Which is the best way to build fitness over winter?
  11. Why pay for Zwift if you can ride on MyWhoosh for free?

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