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When you think of recovery, what comes to mind? In the past the concept of athlete recovery would have implied that you were rehabbing from an injury or it meant something as simple as taking a nap. Today recovery has evolved into a necessity for athletes, a pillar of top training programmes, and a way for all athletes to reach their full potential and maintain a competitive edge.

With professional teams constructing entire rooms dedicated to recovery in their training facilities, and gyms now offering recovery themed classes, athlete recovery has clearly landed a starring role in optimised fitness. These specialised spaces feature familiar tools like foam rollers and percussive treatments, and also include NormaTec technology. NormaTec pioneered dedicated recovery spaces and continues to be at the forefront of the recovery movement. Its patented compression massage feels incredible and is utilised by all the pros—but is there data to back up the hype?

The answer is a resounding yes. NormaTec was founded by a physician and bioengineer as a medical device company, so science is in its DNA. Its original compression device was specifically designed to help patients with circulatory conditions, like lymphedema and venous insufficiency, heal faster. Because the technology is so successful at increasing circulation, it also has major benefits for athletes recovering from intense training.

In addition to increasing blood flow and reducing pain, soreness, and swelling, studies show that NormaTec clears out lactate, reduces inflammation, and increases range of motion. It has a patented massage pattern that uses biomimicry to enhance the body’s natural ability to recover and rejuvenate muscles, and uses precisely controlled pressure to optimise the effectiveness.

WorldTour cyclist Tayler Wiles, who currently rides for the UCI Women’s Team Trek-Segafredo, says: “NormaTec boots are a huge part of my routine every day and are pretty critical during a hard block of training, a long stage race, or back-to-back Classics.”

When asked about the NormaTec recovery massage experience, Wiles adds: “I think the boots are heaven! The way they alternate compression up the length of your legs feels so good, especially if you are feeling a bit sore or fatigued, and I always get out of them feeling like a new person. I even put my parents in them when they visit. I think they are my mom’s favourite thing in the world!”

Faster recovery means athletes can train more and stay in top form for competitive schedules like stage races, long rides, and everything in between. After all, would you rather be the athlete who shows up fresh and ready to ride, or the athlete that is still sore from a previous ride? Perhaps the answer to this question is why UCI WorldTeams like CCC and Deceuninck Quick-Step have partnered with NormaTec for their cyclists’ recovery needs and why NormaTec has become a staple in elite cyclists’ formula for success.

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