Seven ways ‘traditional’ cycle training approaches don't work for women - and what you can do instead

Female physiology demands a different approach to training, nutrition, weight management and recovery – Dr Stacy Sims explains

Image shows a female rider training on the bike
(Image credit: Future)

Women are not small men. This is the watchword of Dr Stacy Sims, a world leading physiologist who specialises in female nutrition, training and wellbeing. A former bike racer for UCI Team Tibco and a proud applied scientist, Sims has been in high-performance environments for decades. Her work has been tried and tested by the world’s top-performing female athletes, including 2019 USA national road champion Ruth Winder. 

In 2016, Sims published Roar, a training guide that lifts the lid on female physiology’s best kept secrets. The book was widely hailed as a game-changer in understanding female physiology as pertains to sport. Sims agreed to speak to CW to help us bust the most prevalent myths while providing the corrective truth and, for good measure, throwing in some ‘biohacking’ tips for improving performance. 

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