Training plans

All cyclists can benefit from following a training plan. From seasoned racers to new roadies, if followed correctly cycling training plans can help improve anyone's riding. Here we bring together a range of plans

The activity of cycling can mean many things to many people. It is no longer the reserve of lycra clad men racing at impossible speeds on sunny French roads. Cycling is increasingly the transport choice of commuters, and with better infrastructure the potential to get more people on bikes could grown immensely.

For many people, using a bicycle for utility purposes means there is no need for a training plan: no one trains to catch the bus everyday. But for some of these bicycle users, utility is often the way into sportive participation and racing, and although the process of pedalling and staying upright remains the same, the effort levels and required endurance can change significantly. This is where the benefits of a cycling training plan come into their own.

Browse through our pages below to find the training plan for you, and check back in the spring and summer for new content to see you through the sunnier months of the year.

These Cycling Weekly training plans are ideal for sportive and racing beginners. We have pulled together plans to get people fitter and faster, and help them ride further. These same plans can be applied by more seasoned riders who may have hit a plateau in performance or those who want to renew their approach.