We took nine cheap road tyres to a rolling resistance testing facility and this is how they stacked up

Here nine budget tyres are through their paces - including a trip to Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub to test their rolling resistance

Image shows a rider cornering.
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Given that your tyres are your only contact with the road, their importance can’t be overstated. Their impact on the overall ride quality of your bike is pronounced; a good set, with a tread pattern well-suited to your chosen terrain, will deliver additional comfort and confidence; a bad set will take both away just as fast. Equally, knowing that underneath you is a set of tyres that’s resistant to punctures is both comforting and confidence inspiring, too.

But does this mean they need to be expensive? Not necessarily. While the best summer tyres with a high price tag are often great at delivering a suppleness that cheaper rubber finds hard to match, this can sometimes translate to a tyre that wears quickly and cuts easily. 

If you’re riding year round, you’ll want a tyre that can handle the miles and the varying conditions. This is where budget tyres come into their own. As an alternative to the very best winter tyres, these can be both an ideal match for your winter bike or your summer workhorse (depending on make and model), where a little extra rolling resistance is an acceptable trade off for a reduction in punctures and a tyre that lasts. They're also ideal for anyone on a budget or those making their first forays into road cycling.

Sam at Silverstone rolling resistance testing facility

(Image credit: Future)