For a quick, tasty and convenient on-bike snack, little beats an energy bar.

Fuelling out on the bike can be a tricky task to master and be achieved in a number of different ways, whether this is through energy drinks, energy gels or everyday food itself.

However, when it comes to solid foods that are also primarily designed for what a cyclist truly needs, energy bars are a wise choice.

The great thing about energy bars is that you can also try your hand at making them yourself. However, for convenience and peace of mind that you are getting your nutrition spot on, shop bought bars are the way to go.

These are specifically created and adapted for performance purposes, with each energy bar containing a high level of carbohydrates – the ideal solution for fuelling long days in the saddle. But perhaps most importantly, they are often seen as an appetising treat or a reward for as well.

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It is important to recognise that energy bars aren’t always necessary every time you hit the road, as your body should have sufficient glycogen stores for rides that are less than one hour.

But when your ride time starts to creep up over 60 minutes, you will need to replenish your energy stores. Therefore a good rule of thumb is to gradually consume 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour to stave off the dreaded bonk.

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It’s also important to remember that it isn’t a case of more is better either, as over-consuming carbohydrates can potentially lead to stomach discomfort and digestion issues.

Our pick of the best energy bars

ZipVit ZV8 Energy Bar – 9/10

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This bar is a must-have and our best on test.

Regardless of the flavour you choose, they all excel, with a soft texture and satisfying taste.

Buy now: 20 ZipVit ZV8 bars from Ribble for £23.74

Trek Protein Energy Bar – 7/10

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Looks can be deceiving and this bar certainly impressed.

But it’s higher protein and lower carbohydrate content, compared to others on test, lends itself more to a recovery bar.

Buy now: Trek Protein Energy bar x 16 from Wiggle for £13.35 

SiS Go Energy Bar – 9/10

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This bar out performs other bars when it comes to flavour.

Whilst it might be difficult to open the packet, it’s certainly a well thought out product from a trusted brand.

Buy now: SiS Go Energy bar x 24 from Evans Cycles for £18.71

High5 Energy Bar – 8/10

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What this bar lacks in flavour it makes up for in price and substance.

Buy now: High5 Energy bar x 25 from Chain Reaction Cycles for £17.99

The Primal Bar – 6/10

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An all-natural paleo friendly bar with an acceptable taste and texture.

However, it’s focus on health means that it lacks the fast acting carbohydrate content of other performance based energy bars.

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TORQ Bar – 8/10

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One of the best tasting bars on test, but it’s a little too small for our appetites.

Buy now: Torq bar box of 15 from Wiggle for £20.88

OTE Duo Bar – 8/10

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A large but expensive bar that is intended to be consumed in two parts.

As a result of it’s size it yields a generous portion of carbohydrates, however this comes at a cost.

Buy now: One Ote Duo bar from Evans Cycles for £0.50

Veloforte Classico – 7/10

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A retro-inspired bar that packs a big hit of carbohydrates.

It’s the most expensive bar on test and difficult to unwrap whilst on the move but we still enjoyed it.

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9Bar Original Lift – 6/10

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A seed and nut based bar full of healthy unsaturated fats.

It ranks highly in fibre and micronutrient content but misses the mark somewhat as a traditional energy bar.

Buy now: Pack of 16 9Bar Original Lift bars from eBay for £16.99

PowerBar Energize – 7/10


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A scientifically excellent bar that loses marks for consistency and ease of opening.

Buy now: Pack of 25 PowerBar Energize bars from Wiggle for £28.12

Clif Bar – 8/10

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Buy now: Pack of 12 Clif energy bars from Evans Cycles for £14.30

A great tasting bar with a home kitchen feel to it but we found it needed washing down with some fluid.