Best energy bars for cycling 2024: quality carbs to replenish your energy stores

The best energy bars for cycling will keep you riding for longer - they even taste great too

Female cyclist putting one of the best energy bars for cycling into her jersey back pocket on a bike ride
(Image credit: Future)

The best energy bars for cycling will help you to fuel your rides properly. Anyone who’s bonked mid-ride can attest to the importance of consuming enough calories to keep your muscles going, and to avoid bonking

Conventional wisdom says that we need to try and consume 1 gram of carbohydrates per kilo of bodyweight per hour on rides in excess of 90 minutes. This should come with a caveat however. Different individuals will have different requirements. Fuelling like a pro may see this number increase although ingesting 120 grams of carbs per hour for us mere mortals may seem a feat of endurance in itself as it takes training. 

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