The best waterproof phone cases for cycling

A waterproof phone case keeps your phone dry while out on the bike

TPU Guide Waterproof phone case on bike

Garmins and Wahoos may be the cycling computer of choice for most, but our phones are an equally essential piece of technology on any bike ride we go on.

If the rain falls, we want to protect our phones from getting wet or having mud splattered across them, and that’s where a dedicated waterproof phone holder comes in handy. Some people like the phone kept dry in their back pocket, but for others they want it visible at all times up front.

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Josh hails from the Pacific Northwest of the United States but would prefer riding through the desert than the rain. He will happily talk for hours about the minutia of cycling tech but also has an understanding that most people just want things to work. He is a road cyclist at heart and doesn't care much if those roads are paved, dirt, or digital. Although he rarely races, if you ask him to ride from sunrise to sunset the answer will be yes. 

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