Professional cyclists aren't always renowned for telling the truth, but even in the amateur ranks we're not always completely honest

1. “I think my brake might be rubbing”

Translation: “I haven’t been doing enough training, please don’t drop me”

2. “I’m having a rest day


“Nope, that interval session isn’t happening”

Translation: “I just couldn’t be bothered”

3. “I could really do with a lighter bike

Translation: “I need to eat less cake

4. “How’s your training been going?”


“I’ve been taking it easy over the last few weeks (Photo: Chris Catchpole)

Translation: “I really hope I can keep up with you”

5. “Yeah, my training’s been going OK, but still feel like there’s more to come”

Translation: “I’m absolutely flying and am going to drop you immediately”

6. “My legs aren’t feeling too good this morning”

Alcohol's not all bad

“Yes, this is definitely a good idea”

Translation: “I was out on the beers last night and would really prefer to be in bed”

7. “I got a flat at just the wrong moment”

Translation: “I didn’t have the legs and got dropped like a stone”

8. “I don’t really take my training seriously, I just try to enjoy riding my bike”

Make a training and recovery plan that suits you. Photo: Jesse Wild

Nothing to see here (Photo: Jesse Wild)

Translation: “I’ve got a training plan written out for the next three years and will be following it religiously”

9. “No, this tan is completely natural”

Translation: “I was up till 2am making sure the fake tan was applied evenly”

10. “I’m really more of a rouleur”

Tour of Spain - Stage 9

Less cake next season (Photo: Watson)

Translation: “I’m carrying a few extra pounds and I’m sorry if I get dropped at the first hill”

11. “I’m just treating this as a training race”

Translation: “When I get dropped in the neutralised section, at least I’ve got an excuse”

This article was updated on October 23, 2017