11 things every cyclist says (and what we actually mean)

Professional cyclists aren't always renowned for telling the truth, but even in the amateur ranks we're not always completely honest

1. "I think my brake might be rubbing"

Translation: "I haven't been doing enough training, please don't drop me"

2. "I'm having a rest day"


"Nope, that interval session isn't happening"

Translation: "I just couldn't be bothered"

3. "I could really do with a lighter bike"

Translation: "I need to eat less cake"

4. "How's your training been going?"


"I've been taking it easy over the last few weeks (Photo: Chris Catchpole)
(Image credit: chris catchpole)

Translation: "I really hope I can keep up with you"

5. "Yeah, my training's been going OK, but still feel like there's more to come"

Translation: "I'm absolutely flying and am going to drop you immediately"

6. "My legs aren't feeling too good this morning"

Alcohol's not all bad

"Yes, this is definitely a good idea"

Translation: "I was out on the beers last night and would really prefer to be in bed"

7. "I got a flat at just the wrong moment"

Translation: "I didn't have the legs and got dropped like a stone"

8. "I don't really take my training seriously, I just try to enjoy riding my bike"

Make a training and recovery plan that suits you. Photo: Jesse Wild

Nothing to see here (Photo: Jesse Wild)

Translation: "I've got a training plan written out for the next three years and will be following it religiously"

9. "No, this tan is completely natural"

Translation: "I was up till 2am making sure the fake tan was applied evenly"

10. "I'm really more of a rouleur"

Tour of Spain - Stage 9

Less cake next season (Photo: Watson)
(Image credit: Watson)

Translation: "I'm carrying a few extra pounds and I'm sorry if I get dropped at the first hill"

11. "I'm just treating this as a training race"

Translation: "When I get dropped in the neutralised section, at least I've got an excuse"

This article was updated on October 23, 2017

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