CW5000 members staying upbeat and on track through March

The best of the CW5000 Facebook group in March: The start of the month seems like a lifetime ago when all we were worried about was a touch of wind and now we have to be careful every time we leave the house

The month started with Storm Jorge (remember him, no we don’t either) and ended with lockdown as we try to tackle the global pandemic, Covid-19. At the time of writing we are still allowed, and in some cases recommended, to take to the saddle for once-daily exercise and commuting if you’re a key worker. However during the past fortnight there has been some confusion as to what level of riding outdoors is seen as good for the body and mind, and what is deemed reckless and unnecessary. Many have taken refuge on the turbo trainer to keep the miles ticking over.

To date, in the #CW5000 Strava group alone, 57,423 rides have been logged, totaling 1,052,703 miles and 44,297,144 feet of climbing, which equates to 58 laps around the world and 1,526 ascents of Everest.

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The best of CW5000 on Facebook:

At the start of March all we needed to worry about was a touch of wind and Kevin‘s biggest foe was Land Rover man

James was very happy in a world where we could still ride sportives…

Even if they were very windy sportives…

…. at least, as Elaine discovered, the wind sometimes blew from behind.

Storms weren’t so much of a problem for Mark in Florida, but Mark had different challenges to content with – you don’t get many alligator sightings in England.

As the storms settled down, the weather improved and the miles came a bit easier and Jonathan‘s thoughts turned to snaffling the last Florentine…

And Fergus‘s mind was on clocking up miles and which filter made the River Tay pop.

We set the group the challenge of climbing 7000ft in a week and our members took up the challenge with gusto.

Jason found the hills in Sheffield,taking on the infamous Magnificent Seven

Michele found them around Kilmarnock

Jan conquered them on the turbo

And Ian, well for Ian the hills found him

As the Corona-crisis started to escalate we were advised to participate in social distancing. A practice some of us are all to familiar with.

Social isolation, in other words – bike riding alone – doesn’t seem like too much of a chore for Mike

But working from home and creates it’s own challenges, so Mike and Christine have added a home > home commute into their routine.

Sportives have become virtual

And to hit the climbing targets, according to Mary, there’s now such a thing as a cheeky Alpe du Zwift

We signed off this article in February looking forward to lighter days and easier miles in March, how wrong could we be? Who knows what April brings, but what we do know is cycling is not only important for our physical health but also our mental health and having a goal to aim towards is a really strong motivator in these tough times we find ourselves in. So finding new ways to maintain our regular levels of riding either indoors or as part of our once-daily exercise is beneficial to us all.

Good luck and stay safe.

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