Danny MacAskill hits the gym in latest mind-blowing video

The superhuman trials rider takes indoor training to an insane new level

It’s that time of the year again – indoor training in the winter months.

But this year, trial riding and all-round uber-talent Danny MacAskill has released a video that takes gymwork to a whole new level.

In ‘Danny MacAskill’s Gymnasium’, the Scottish YouTube sensation shows what you can achieve with a few bits of basic gym equipment and a lot of imagination.

The video, made in collaboration with Red Bull, shows MacAskill’s bizarre take on New Year’s Resolution fitness as he tears around a hall with trampolines, treadmills, pommel horses and exercise balls.

MacAskill said: “It’s fair to say that gyms aren’t really my natural habitat. I take my hat off to people who go every day to stay in shape, as I much prefer to hop on my bike and keep myself fit in that way.

“We wanted this video to be a reminder to all those looking to get fit in 2020 that you don’t have to be miserable – there’s plenty of fun ways to hit your fitness goals.

“For me, it has and probably always will be my bike.”

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MacAskill shot to prominence back in 2010 when Red Bull released his ‘Way Back Home’ video which included incredible footage of the 34-year-old riding in Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye.

That video has been watched more than 41million times since it was released, with MacAskill going on to ride in even more ambitious projects.

In 2013 Red Bull released Imaginate, a huge two-year project that saw MacAskill riding giant kids’ toys.

In his last video before gymnasium, MacAskill was all themed around a children’s bike trailer, which is used for some his of his regular physics-defying skill on the bike.

Featuring MacAskill riding a huge dam, balancing along a bridge wall and even a backflip with a trailer in tow, the video is another showcase of his mind-bending talents.

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