Watch: Danny MacAskill returns with another mind-blowing video

The new film includes some very questionable baby-sitting

Danny MacAskill has released his latest video and it’s just as mind-blowing as his previous efforts.

The superstar trials and mountain bike rider released ‘Danny Daycare’ on Monday (May 20), the first video on his own YouTube channel.

MacAskill’s latest installation is all themed around a children’s bike trailer, which is used for some his of his regular physics-defying skill on the bike.

The four-minute video has already attracted almost 100,000 views in the first few hours.

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McAskill shot to prominence back in 2010 when Red Bull released his ‘Way Back Home' video which included incredible footage of the 33-year-old riding in Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye.

That video has been watched 41million times since it was released, with MacAskill going on to ride in even more ambitious projects.

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In 2013 Red Bull released Imaginate, a huge two-year project that saw MacAskill riding giant kids' toys.

The latest video, made by production company Cut Media, shows McAskill riding around Scotland with a child’s trailer attached to the back of his bike.

Featuring MacAskill riding a huge dam, balancing along a bridge wall and even a backflip with a trailer in tow, the video is another showcase of his mind-bending talents.

The video also stars Daisy, the daughter of Cut Media founder Stu Thompson, with the filmmakers keen to point out that no children were actually involved in the stunts.

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Back in 2017 MacAskill was filming hopping over comedian Jack Whitehall, but with a less than perfect outcome.

The Scottish trials bike legend somehow managed to persuade A League of Their Own star Jack Whitehall to sit on a floor as he built up speed to jump over him.

But as his Facebook video shows, when MacAskill begins to land the stunt, his rear wheel nudges Whitehall’s helmet.

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