Danny MacAskill attempts to jump over Jack Whitehall but it doesn't quite go to plan

Scottish trials star Danny MacAskill jumped over the comedian Jack Whitehall but it didn't go as smoothy as hoped.


He's ridden across mountain ridges (which is worth watching again) and somersaulted and landed over a fence on his bike, but when he tried to jump over one of Britain's most popular comedians, Danny MacAskill didn't quite get a 10/10 score mark.

The Scottish trials bike legend somehow managed to persuade A League of Their Own star Jack Whitehall to sit on a floor as he built up speed to jump over him.

But as his Facebook video shows, when MacAskill begins to land the stunt, his rear wheel nudges Whitehall's helmet.

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However, rather than it appearing to be MacAskill's ill-judgement, Whitehall veered slightly to the right just before the minimal impact; had he stayed still, the bike would have probably cleared without any problems.


Elsewhere, Red Bull ace MacAskill has been showing car drivers how to park accurately in a strange but oddly satisfying video. The Isle of Skye native lines up on a white line and jumps to the next line with precision, repeating the trick another three times. On two occasions, he even lands having done a 180-degree turn mid-air.