Five considerations to make when buying cycling insurance

PedalSure tells you what you need to look for when searching for cycling insurance

Promotional feature with PedalSure

PedalSure have recently made a large impact on the UK cycling scene to both commuters and enthusiasts alike as well as on the track, with Team PedalSure coming second in the 2016 Revolution Cycling Series.

Philip Cooper of PedalSure explains: “When we came to the market, we wanted to provide a flexible policy to suit individual cyclist needs. We also wanted to be the first to provide adequate personal cover, above and beyond bike theft cover alone.”

That was three years ago. PedalSure now lead by offering up to £150,000 of personal cover, alongside personal liability, and the standard theft and accidental damage for your bike.

1. Why choose a specialist provider instead of home insurance?

Specialist Cycling Insurance offered by companies such as PedalSure will provide cover for your bike against Theft inside or outside the home. It will also cover accidental damage, whoever is at fault, and includes activities such as commuting, sportive and charity events.

2. Multi-bike and high bike value

Choose an insurance that will give you a decent multi-bike discount. Even if you only have one bike today. PedalSure offers you 50 per cent on your second and third bike and these can be added to your policy later or on initial purchase.

3. Overseas travel

Do you travel? If so, you can easily add 30 days overseas cover or 60 days at PedalSure for only five per cent or 10 per cent respectively of your original premium. They even cover the air-transit in a bike box so you can put your feet up and enjoy the flight.

4. Because you are more valuable than your bike!

At PedalSure they give you personal cover options for a maximum of £35k to £150k that include varying levels of legal, dental and physio cover as well as Personal Liability up to £2m.

It is also worth remembering that Personal Liability alone will not cover you, alternatively it covers the damage you do to others. Purchasers that have this bundled into their cycling memberships often misunderstand this.

5. You compete in events such as track, triathlon, road or MTB

Whilst PedalSure includes sportive and charity rides for free, PedalSure policy holders can also add competition to their policy to cover all of the above for only five per cent of the original premium.

Visit PedalSure to find out more.

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