Five of our favourite Festive 500 pictures

Cyclists posted hundreds of Festive 500 photos to Twitter between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve

The Rapha Festive 500 is now in the bag for hundreds of riders, and many of them tracked their progress on Twitter. Here are five of our favourite pictures from the seven-day challenge.

1. This guy found a novel way of relieving saddle sores. It’s unclear whether he took to boat-like thing with him on the ride in the first place or not, though.

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2. Tim Wiggins found the weather and the trails to his liking on the Isle of Wight. Not only did Wiggins complete the Festive 500, his Twitter also shows that he clocked over 20,000km in 2014.

3. Boris Hendrik chooses not to do 500 easy kilometres, taking in this lung-busting climb en route.

4. Victory Chimp (probably not his real name) combines cycling with family time on his rickshaw. Mr Chimp also used a mountain bike and a road bike during the challenge.

5. Santa undoubtedly travelled over 500km this Christmas, but how many of them were by bike is currently unclear. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

The challenge traces its origins to Rapha designer Graeme Raeburn, who one year went all out by clocking 1000km over the Christmas week. To make it more accessible for the rest of us, Rapha teamed up with Strava to deliver this 500km challenge, which many people completed this year.