Tokyo 2020 Olympics track cycling LIVE: Day three updates from sprint, Keirin and team pursuit final

All the action brought to you as it happens in the Izu Velodrome

This live blog is now closed. Follow live updates from day four here: Tokyo 2020 Olympics track cycling LIVE: Day four updates from the Omnium, Keirin and sprint

Good morning and welcome to live coverage from day three of the track events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, with updates from the men's sprint, the Keirin, and the men's team pursuit final. 

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games cycling schedule: when to watch the racing

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Good morning cycling fans,

Alex Ballinger here, Cycling Weekly's online news editor, bringing you live updates from the third day of track action from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 

With the women's team pursuit and the men's sprint decided yesterday, we move onto the next phase of action, while we'll also see the men's team pursuit medals handed out.  

Here is the schedule for today's racing: 

Wednesday, August 4, 3.30pm - 7.00pm Japan/7.30am - 11am UK

Men's Sprint Qualifying

Women's Keirin First round

Men's Sprint 1/32 Finals

Women's Keirin First round Repechages

Men's Sprint 1/32 Finals Repechages

Men's Team Pursuit Finals

Men's Sprint 1/16 Finals

Men's Team Pursuit Victory Ceremony

Men's Sprint 1/16 Finals Repechages 

First up we have the qualifying for the men's sprint, featuring Jack Carlin and Jason Kenny of the USA. 

First up is Kwesi Browne from Trinidad and Tobabo, who has take on his 200m flying lap for the qualifying.

He put down a strong benchmark of 9.966.

Poland's Patryk Rajkowski has just gone faster with a 9.966, which puts him top.

In this qualifying session, riders take to the track solo to complete one flying lap to set their best time, which will then sort the riders into their heats. 

We have a few more times set now, Hugo Barrette from Canada is second fastest with a time of 9.596, Tomas Babek from the Czech Republic is third fastest with a 9.856. 

These guys are knocking on the door of the Olympic record already, held by Jason Kenny from Rio, with a 9.551.

The current world record is 9.100, set by Trinidad and Tobago's Nicholas Paul in 2019. 

We have a new fastest time set by Canada's Nick Wammes with a 9.587, just three hundredths of a second off the Olympic record. 

Team GB's Jack Carlin on the course now and it's a rapid ride! 

BOOM new Olympic record and he goes top, 9.306. Absolutely flying effort. 

Japan's Yuta Wakimoto with another huge time, 9.518, which would have been the Olympic record if it hadn't been smashed by Jack Carlin. 

France's Sebastien Vigier just matched the old Olympic record to go third fastest.

GB's Jack Carlin still top of the tables currently. 

Still no change to the fastest times so far:

1. Jack Carlin (GBr), 9.306
2. Yuta Wakimoto (Jpn), 9.518
3. Sebastien Vigier (Fra), 9.551

As I say that, Nicholas Paul from Trinidad and Tobago with a huge time, going second fastest. 

 Paul set a time of 9.316, very close to Jack Carlin's time.

Paul is also the current world record holder, after his 9.100 in September 2019. 

We're getting into the sharp end now, as we have the Dutch pairing Jeffrey Hoogland and Harrie Lavreysen coming up soon, with reigning champion Jason Kenny last off. 

Jeffrey Hoogland from the Netherlands on track now.

He's already an Olympic champion at this games after the team sprint yesterday and definitely one of the favourites for gold in the sprint.

And there it is, a new Olympic record from Hoogland with 9.215, he goes top of the leaderboard ahead of Jack Carlin from Team GB. 

Harrie Lavreysen from the Netherlands on next, another gold medallist in the team sprint. 

Can he beat his team-mate's new Olympic record? 

Wow it's close, they are completely level with EXACTLY the same time, 9.215.

That bumps Jack Carlin own into third spot, but we still have Jason Kenny to come.  

Final rider in the men's sprint qualifying is on the track, Jason Kenny.

Silver medal in the team sprint yesterday, how is he going? 

It's a 9.510 for Kenny, which puts him eighth fastest 

So after the qualifying round in the men's sprint we have 24 riders going through to the next round, with just six riders being eliminated. 

They are Pavel Yakushevskiy (ROC), Nitta Yudai (Japan), Jean Spies (South Africa), Tomas Babek (Czech Republic), Sergey Ponomaryov (Kazakhstan) and Kwesi Browne (Trinidad and Tobago), all eliminated after qualifying. 

Jason Kenny and Jack Carlin are both through to the next round in the men's sprint, but it's the Dutchmen Harrie Lavreysen and Jeffrey Hoogland who are the clear favourites, both tied with a new Olympic record as we head into the head-to-head races later today. 

Next up it's the first heat in the first round of the women's Keirin. Katy Marchant of Team GB is in this event.

And we're underway, with the electric Derny leading out the riders. 

For anyone who wants to know more about the slightly unusual Keirin format, check out our handy guide here

The Derny has pulled off with three laps to go and China's Zhong Tianshi hits the front but Marchant jumps over the top with two laps to go.

Marchant wants to lead from the front on the final lap and she'll pulling away.

There it is, Marchant wins the opening heat in the women's Keiring, with Laurine Van Riessen (Ned) also qualifying into the next round by finishing second.

The remaining three riders will have to compete again for their chance at qualification in the Repechages. 

Heat two now in the women's Keirin

 And it's Germany's Lea Friedrich who takes the win to qualify for the next round, with Daria Shmeleva (ROC) finishing second for automatic qualification.

Hong Kong, South African, France and Lithuania will all race again in the Repechages in the hopes of qualifying. 

Oh bad news for Katy Marchant after the first heat. Marchant had won the race but she has been relegated after deviating from her line in that race. She has been put in last place in her race now.  Still has a chance in the Repechages is seems though.  

Time for heat three and it's Canada, China, Germany, Mexico, ROC and Ukraine competing in this one. 

Canada's Kelsey Mitchell qualifies first with Mexico's Luz Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez going through in second place. 

Fourth heat now: Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and the Ukraine. 

It's the Ukraine who take the win with Olena Starikova, followed by Yuka Kobayashi of Japan who both go through to the next round. 

The final heat is Canada, Australia, USA, Poland, Australia, France and Mexico. 

It's Lauriane Genest for Canada who wins the heat, with Madalyn Godby of the USA who will qualify to the next round.

Now it's back to the men's sprint and the first of the head-to-head races, Jeffrey Hoogland (Netherlands) vs Ethan Mitchell (New Zealand). 

It's a tactical start as Hoogland leads and keys an eye over his shoulder for Mitchell. Into the final lap and Hoogland picks up the pace, leads from the front and easily blasts to the win and progresses to the finals. 

The losers of each heat will advance to the Repechages.

The next heat is Harrie Lavreysen from the Netherlands and Muhammad Sahrom from Malaysia. 

It was a good battle on the final lap as Sahrom started to gain on the final straight, but Lavreysen still comfortably secures the victory to move onto the next phase.

And it's the Repechages for Sahrom. 

The first of the Team GB riders now in the men's sprint heats, Jack Carlin goes up against Australian Nathan Hart. 

Carlin was the only rider to get close to the Dutch in qualifying, making through with the first fastest lap. 

Carlin drops down to the inside of the track on the first lap and keep's an eye over his shoulder for the stalking Hart. They're barely rolling as they mark each other out. 

Now Carlin starts to ramp up the pace two laps to go and Hart tries to use the banking to pick up speed but Carlin is running away with it on the final straight and Carlin wins.

Repechages for Hart.  

World record holder Nicholas Paul (Trinidad and Tobago) and Matthew Richardson from Australia hit the track for heat four in the men's sprint. 

Richardson leads with two laps to go but Paul tears past into the final lap and just runs away with it easily, huge win for Paul who is on stellar form in this Olympics.

Richardson now has to race again in the Repechages if he wants to make it through to the next phase. 

Heat five is Denis Dmitriev (ROC) and Rayan Helal from France. 

The Russian goes long on the final lap and pulls away, Helal unable to close the gap on the final turn.

Dmitriev goes through, Helal will race again. 

The next heat is  Jair Tjon En Fa from Suriname vs Max Levy of Germany.

It's a close finish but Levy secures the win at the bike throw to progress. 

Next up we have Mateusz Rudyk of Poland against Sam Webster of New Zealand.

Webster leads in the final lap and Rudyk is forced to go high and wide, and it's too far to come around, Webster wins! 

Heat eight is Jason Kenny from GB vs Awang from Malaysia.

It's a close battle as Kenny takes the lead by sneaking on the inside on the banking, but Awang comes flying back on the final straight.

Kenny holds on to take the win and is through to the next round. 

Yuta Wakimoto  (Japan) goes up against Kevin Quintero (Colombia) for heat nine in the men's sprint.

Wakimoto takes the victory in that one with a strong performance.  


Heat 10 is Sebastien Vigier (France) vs Hugo Barrette (Canada).

Vigier notches up the victory, but it looks like the result is under review as he may have left his line. We'll update you ASAP. 

Heat 11(Yes they're still going) is China's Chao Xu against Poland's Patruk Rajkowski. 

They're weaving across the track with two laps to go, Rajkowski is pulling clear and he opens up his sprint and they're veering into each other.

Rajkowski wins but he swerved slightly into the path of Xu, so that may be looked at by the judges. 

Now we're onto the final heat from this round, and it's Nick Wammes (Canada), Stefan Boetticher (Germany). 

Wammes leads and they're up to speed with two laps to go. Wammes ramps up the pace on the final lap and Boetticher is trying to go the long way round and it's the Canadian who just holds on to take the win. 

That's the sprint heats done and we're now back to the women's Keirin Repechages. 

The first race is Hong Kong, South Korea, Lithuania, New Zealand and Ukraine fighting for their final chance at qualification.

It's New Zealand's Ellesse Andrews who wins and makes it through to the quarter finals, with Ukraine's Liubov Basova finishing second and will also qualify. 

Time for the next women's Keirin Repechages, with Australia, China, Hong Kong, Lithuania and Mexico all fighting for their last chance to qualify for the quarter finals. 

Lee Wai Sze from Hong Kong wins the heat two Repechages to qualify, with Kaarle McCulloch from New Zealand finishing second to also progress.  

Heat three in the Repechages for the women's Keirin now, featuring Katy Marchant after she was relegated from her dominant victory in the initial round.

She's up against, France, Poland, Russia and South Africa here. 

Marchant finds herself in a strong position heading into the final turn and puts in a huge surge on the final straight to take a dominant victory, finally securing her place in the next round after a ropey start to the day.  

Time for heat four now, the final Repechages in the women's Keiring -  France, Germany, Netherlands and Poland. 

 Into the final lap and Hinze from Germany leads from the front, Shanne Braspennincx from the Netherlands passes her to take the victory, but  Hinze still qualifies in second place.  

Back to the men's sprint Repechages now.

These races are three-man sprints with only the winner going through. 

Azizulhasni Awang from Malaysia has beaten Kevin Quintero of Colombia and Kiwi Ethan Mitchell to progress to the next round in the first heat. 

Into the second heat, it's also Malaysia's Muhammad Sahrom who storms through to qualify, knocking out Hugo Barrette from Canada and Mateusz Rudyk from Poland. 

Heat three in the men's sprint Repechages is China's Xu Chao, Nathan Hart (Australia) and Jair Tjon En Fa from Suriname. 

It's Tjon En Fa with a huge victory to progress! Unexpected result but a great performance. 

In heat four of the Repechages it's Stefan Boetticher of Germany who overpowers Rayan Helal from France and Matthew Richardson of Australia to make it through. 

Now it's the big one - the men's team pursuit finals. Team GB have found themselves in a poor spot, fighting for seventh or eighth place against Switzerland after the crash with the Danish team yesterday.

The Danes are in the gold medal final, but GB are outside of the medals. 

But GB are up after 600m and are extending their advantage up to almost a second after 1,500m.  

The gap is up to two seconds in GB's favour after 2,800m. 

GB are down the three riders and are storming around this track with 1,500m to go now. 

Onto the last lap and Team GB are just about on the same straight as the Swiss and it's done.

Team GB win that to finish in seventh place in the Olympic men's team pursuit, with Switzerland in eighth. 

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