100% and Peter Sagan release new S3 glasses

Available with photochromic lenses and in five different colours

100% and Peter Sagan have once again collaborated, releasing the new 100% S3 sunglasses with the American brand looking to build on the superb performance of the 100% S2 glasses, one of our favourite sets of eyewear from the last year.

The finished product looks like a blend between the S2 models and the 100% Speedcraft glasses, retaining the brand’s signature angular shape and popping colours. However, there is a nuanced difference in the shape, with the S2’s having a more rounded lens profile. According to 100% the glasses are made in Italy and use the same 5.5-base design that it argues should provide a sleek and comfortable fit.

The frames accommodate a one piece, shatter and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses. As stock, the new 100% S3 glasses will come with the brands french-made Ultra HD lenses. As with the rest of the 100% range, an additional HiPER lens that increases contrast and a photochromic lens which adapts to varying light conditions will be available. The brand says that the lenses feature scratch-resistant and hydrophobic coatings.

The photochromic lens option was previous offered as a replacement option on limited models but is now available across the brand’s range, including the with the Speedtrap, Speedcraft, S2 and Sportcoupe.

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Three time road world champion and 100% ambassador Peter Sagan says “the S3 combines two of my favourite 100% glasses. It takes the aggressive intake vents from the Speedcraft and the subtle frame from the S2. You get sunglasses that’s both both understated and powerful, a winning combo”.

The new S3 glasses are available in five different colours including White, Black, Grey, Flume and a popping Matte Pink.

100% has gained significant ground in the glasses market over the lat few years following its partnership with Sagan and the production of popular models such as the retro 100% Glendale and the 100% S2 glasses.