Tweets of the week: Rohan Dennis, Philippe Gilbert and wait a minute, is that G?

Remember when we saw these tweets the first time around? Oh how we screamed

Philippe Gilbert, Rohan Dennis and Geraint Thomas
(Image credit: Philippe Gilbert/Ineos/Getty)

Ahoy there, before we set sail on the good SS Giro d'Italia, it's just the small matter of this week's best tweets.

In seven day's time, we'll be struggling under the hefty girth of all things Giro. Tweets, memes, you name it, we'll have it, with bells on.

But for now, the simple things in life. An honest assessment from Rohan Dennis, perhaps? Or maybe exploring what exactly happened to Geraint Thomas' jawbreakers after he crashed at the Tour de Romandie will whet your appetite?

If not, Phil Gaimon posted some pictures of his dog. There. Hope that makes you happy.

1. Honesty is the best policy

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2. Yikes

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3. Alright, no need to boast

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4. If Geraint Thomas is laughing then we're allowed to laugh too

5. Cruel, but funny

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6. If you could bottle up this unbridled joy and sell it you'd have enough money to buy Milan - San Remo and give it to Philippe Gilbert

7. Now if this isn't deserving of a Netflix true crime drama then I don't know what is

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8. All I want to know is how long it took Phil Gaimon to make the dog pose like that (look at the sadness in its eyes)

9. When people complain that Ineos' mega-budget gives them an advantage all they're really using the money for is to employ someone to make F1-themed TikToks

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10. If they're on the Tour of Britain this year just wait until they get to Warrington, that's all I'm saying

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We'll be back in a week's time with more pure fuego tweets from around the cycling world.

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