Tweets of the week: The return of Greg Henderson's legs, Chris Froome in crocodile waters, and more

Get your chops around this lot

Tweets of the week
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If you asked me, gun to my head, if I could eradicate one of either social media or Black Friday from the face of this Earth, I wouldn't even miss a beat.

Social media, hands down.

Bullying, racism, all manner of other bad -isms, people faking their seemingly amazing lives on Instagram and making you feel worse about your own, unearthing your uncle's very bad tweets...the list goes on.

Black Friday, on the other hand, is AMAZING. So many deals, so much capital consumerism it just gives you that warm, wholesome glow on the inside, you know? Hell, if I could add an Amazon affiliate link to my own mother I would. All hail Jeff Bezos!! Thank you big baldie for keeping a roof over my head!

Having said that, today I've been tasked with producing this week's social media round-up to set amongst the superior multitude of Black Friday articles currently sitting on our esteemed website, like this one, and this one and also that one.

1. Where is Wout Poels to tell him not to take any unnecessary risks?? 

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2. Spare a thought for Joe Laverick's loved ones at this difficult time

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3. God damn, people are always posting vein pictures on social media aren't they?

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4. Don't think I'd even get this many people at my funeral

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5. I would commit an untold number of crimes for a bite of that flan

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6. That baby looks aero

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7. Fabian Cancellara and Geraint Thomas walk into a bar...

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8. Is it just me who really wants one of those Ag2r Citroën coats?

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9. These pro riders keep getting younger and younger

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10. We must protect Wout Poels at all costs

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We'll be back in seven days' time with more tweets to help keep the darkness at bay.

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