Will riding your favourite road help you reach 5,000 miles this year?

With just two months of riding to go before our annual mileages are confirmed, here are two more challenges to keep you motivated

CW5000 monthly challenges
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

The end of the year is fast approaching, and no matter how many miles you've ridden in 2023 your annual mileage total will soon be rubber stamped. Whether or not you reach 5,000 miles and complete the CW5000, it's important to remember the main aim of this challenge is to inspire you to ride 'more'. 

Some months when I look at my stats and see my mileage and fitness are not where I want them to be I can get disheartened and lose motivation. Whenever that happens I go back to basics, forget any bigger goals and just go out and enjoy my next session. From there my motivation grows again.  

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