Yes, the e-bike is an oddity in a land ruled by the automobile but it is the future

Today, trapped in a sea of parking spaces, this future feels far off, if not impossible. But it is nonetheless very visible, and that is making us a bit uncomfortable.

Electric cargo bikes
(Image credit: Getty Images)

It usually happens in between taking off the lock and putting on my helmet. I’ll hear a voice. “That’s quite a machine!” one man said. “What do you use that for?” asked another. And “Is it hard to steer?” is a common question. 

Of course, I’m always happy to answer. I ride a Yuba electric cargo bike. Of all the bicycles that people regularly encounter in the U.S, very few have encountered cargo bikes. But more and more people are familiar with e-bikes, and “is it electric?” has become a very common question. More and more, when I step away from the bike rack, someone else rolls up on their own e-bike.

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