ABUS helmets: an overview of the range

German brand ABUS offers a wide range of helmets, we take a detailed look at the helmets in the middle of its offering

Abus Macator
(Image credit: Rupert Radley)

German brand ABUS is known for safety and the group has been developing innovative security solutions since 1924, whether that is protecting your bike from theft with its trusty locks or yourself with its ever expanding ‘mobile security’ helmet range.

Although ABUS is synonymous with security, its helmets go far beyond safety. The brand has been working with top professional teams like Movistar since 2017 to ensure great performance and quality too, as seen in its range topping Airbreaker helmet. At the mid-range, you can see this technology trickle down from its World Tour hero helmet to offer comfort, great ventilation and pinpoint adjustment.

Currently ABUS offers helmets in all the main categories, including road, mountain, kids and urban, such as the Urban-I 3.0 MIPS and the Hyban 2.0 MIPS. So, whether you’re cycling through the city casually or racing, ABUS will have a helmet to fit your needs.


(Image credit: Abus)

 ABUS Macator £44.99 (MIPS £69.99) 

The Macator is priced incredibly well at £44.99. This positions it at an entry-level price but this helmet is sprinkled with top level technology. The helmet will serve multiple users as a comfortable commuter on the road or, if it takes your fancy, off-road with its detachable visor and bug mesh.

At this level you’ll get the standard EPS foam core with a Polycarbonate shell but what helps set this helmet apart from the competition is its comfort. A lot of this comfort comes from its ‘Full-Ring’ adjustment system that encloses the entire head for a more secure fit, topped with the ‘Zoom Ace’ retention dial for making precise adjustments on the fly. This reflects some of the technology found in the high performance AirBreaker helmet. The Macator also has a ponytail friendly rear for those with longer hair.

Ventilation is taken care of via five sizable inlet vents and eight exhaust ports, which are well placed. Three of the front vents have the bug mesh in place.

A new addition to the Macator helmet is the inclusion of MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System). MIPS adds a low-friction layer between your head and the helmet to help reduce rotational forces typically found in crashes that involve a head impact. Although this is a little more expensive than the standard version, the inclusion of MIPS technology at this price point (£69.99) is extremely competitive considering the safety benefits.    

  • Size: S (51-55), M (52-58) and L (58-62cm)
  • Colours: Black, blue, orange, red, silver, white and yellow. MIPS is available in black and white.
  • Weight: S 240g, M 280g, L 340g


(Image credit: Abus)

Abus Viantor £84.99 (MIPS £99.99) 

If you’re a rider who is more style-focused but not willing to compromise on function (or a hit on the piggy bank), the Viantor is probably the helmet for you, especially at this price point. The mid-priced Viantor boasts increased safety thanks to its multi-shell in-mould construction applied with a hard outer shell wrapping and ABUS’ own internal roll-cage called ActiCage. Once again, a direct benefit of trickle down technology stemming from higher range models. You’ll also have the option for a MIPS version.

The ActiCage allows ABUS to form a strong skeleton reinforcement in the helmet structure, enabling them to reduce the amount of polystyrene required, thus saving weight and improving air flow without detracting from safety. Cooling is dealt with through four main air inlets and a whopping 14 air outlets, offering outstanding ventilation.

As with the Macator, the Viantor has a ‘Zoom Ace’ for fine adjustment of the retention system coupled with a semi-enclosing plastic ring.

  • Size: S (51-55), M (52-58), L (58-62cm)
  • Colours: Black, blue, red, silver, white and yellow. 
  • Mips is available in black, white and yellow.
  • Weight: S 250g, M 270g, L 320g


(Image credit: Abus)

ABUS Aventor £114.99 

With more of a focus on road performance, the Aventor is your all-round training or racing helmet option. For those riders looking for a more classically sleek design, most closely associated with the World Tour teams like Movistar, this design fits the bill. It offers all of ABUS’ class leading safety technologies but brings in additional performance gains by shaving weight and increasing cooling largely thanks to its double shell in-mould design.

Although the Aventor saves a decent amount of weight over its Viantor counterpart, comfort and fit is still at the forefront of this helmet. It utilises features such as a half-surrounding plastic ring which is connected to the Zoom Ace retention system to provide superb fit.

If you are more of a focused road rider, whether that is racing or not, this is the choice for you.

  • Size: S (51-55), M (54-58), L (57-61cm)
  • Colour: black, blue, celeste, orange, pink, red, white and yellow.
  • Weight: S 240g, M 260g, L 300g


(Image credit: Abus)

ABUS StormChaser £139.99 

The StormChaser is where mid-level performance really starts to shine. It’s one of the lightest mid-tier helmets on the market with a medium claimed weight of 220g. This helmet has been designed with versatility in mind, with ABUS saying it will have no problems racing on the road, on gravel tracks or bombing it round a cyclo-cross race.

Its versatility is in part down to its Forced Air Cooling system which is an innovative ventilation system that has seven intelligently arranged vents at the front and 16 at the back. This means you get a maximum cooling effect even at slower speeds, something you could really benefit from in a race setting or climbing hills on the hottest days.

Of course, being ABUS, safety is still paramount and the StormChaser utilises ActiCage and Lower edge protection for additional protection from possible impacts.

  • Size: S (51-55), M (54-58), L (59-61), XL (60-63cm)
  • Colours: black, blue, green, orange, race grey, red, white.
  • Weight: S 200g, M 220g, L 240g, XL 260g

We hope you found that range overview useful. ABUS does have many more helmets available, so if you're not seeing the lid for you, check out its website for more options. 

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