Specialized adds laces to Recon line-up

The Recon 'gravel shoe' now comes with lace closure, if that's more your style than a Boa dial

specialized recon
(Image credit: Luke Beemer for Specialized)

Specialized has released a laced version of its S-Works Recon gravel shoe. The update offers a higher number of points of engagement, and for those keen on a retro look, ticks the aesthetics box too.

Swapping the two Boa dials on the existing S-Works Recon hasn't shaved off weight,  the new version comes in at 280g in a size 42 vs 270g in the Boa enabled model.

The lace closure has allowed Specialized to remove a lot of the 'extraneous hardware' from the top of the shoe, which could reduce hot spots of irritation for riders prone to discomfort. 

Specialized recon shoes

(Image credit: Luke Beemer for Specialized)

Like the current S-Works Recon, this is a carbon soled shoe, featuring at '13' on the brand's own stiffness index. The index isn't comparable to any other brand's rating scale, but if you know the S-Works road shoes, those are rated '15', which gives you an idea. There's woven carbon on the outside surface which the brand says protects against bumps. 

A 'SlipNot' rubber heel and toe tread pattern, plus external toe cap, aim to help with hike-a-biking, and there are replaceable toe spikes that can be swapped out pending where the mud of the day falls on the sludginess scale.

The upper is constructed from a welded mesh/TPU with Dyneema. It's not clear if Specialized has done anything to the laces to prevent stretch when wet - so we'll have to save that assessment for testing. 

Specialized recon

(Image credit: Luke Beemer for Specialized)

As per all of the Specialized Shoes, these utilise Body Geometry features, including a built-in Longitudinal Arch support and +1.5mm forefoot Varus Wedge, which aims to prevent foot collapse and promote good knee alignment.

A Metatarsal Button also spreads the toes, to prevent numbness there. Pending where you want to place your cleats, there's a Ti-alloy t-nut with extended slots that provides an extra 5mm of choice.

Colour wise, these are initially available in Oak Green, Black and 'Aloha' (blue with a Hawaiian inspired pattern), white will launch later in the year. Cost wise, they'll set you back £300/$575 AUS /€330/$325 USD.

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