Tacx Deva bottle cage review

Lightweight, very secure, well priced and with 12 colour options

(Image credit: Paul Grele)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

If you’re seeking a very secure and light bottle cage with a contemporary aesthetic, that is also keenly priced (£12.99 at the time of writing), then you may not need to look any further than the Tacx Deva.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very light

  • +

    12 colours

  • +


  • +

    Firm grip of bottle

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Grip of bottle could be too firm for some

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The Tacx Deva is a really light bottle cage, weighing 32g/35g (manufacturer's v author's measurements), with a huge choice of colours to match your frame or kit, and at its RRP of £12.99 represents good value for money.

Tacx Deva bottle cage: construction

The Tacx Deva has a core made of polyamide reinforced by carbon which is surrounded by a shell made from a glass fibre compound. This shell will incorporate one of 12 colours which include black, matt black, white, grey, blue, light blue, red, orange, pink and yellow as well as Cannondale green and a Bianchi green (aka celeste) to match your style.

Tacx Deva bottle cage with bottle

(Image credit: Paul Grele)

The ride

Once bolted to the frame the cage felt solid and without flex, so time to test it using my reference 700ml (790g full) bottle and go for a ride. My chosen route involves a fast washboard section and a very rough potholed section. The cage was rock solid even when loaded up and subjected to these conditions. I will say that removing a bottle does require a fair amount of force, which although it was a little stronger than I’m used to, I did actually like. However if you need a lighter action for removing or inserting a bottle you may wish to look elsewhere. 

Tacx themselves say that the Deva “has proven its worth many times over during cycling classics over cobblestones” and I believe them. Another cage with such a strong grip is the Blackburn Wayside

Tacx Deva bottle cage rider's eye view

(Image credit: Paul Grele)

There is no adjustment available on the boss plate but an allowance for differently spaced bottle bosses is provided as the lower hole is a slot.

Tacx Deva bottle cage on the ground

(Image credit: Paul Grele)

Value and conclusion

I thought that this was a well made product and held a bottle very securely. With its huge option of colours and keen price of £12.99 at the time of writing it could be what you're after. 

If you prefer a lighter removal action and a lower price then the Topeak Ninja Master+ Cage Z might be worth a look - though it's only available in matt black.

So if you’re seeking a very secure and lightweight bottle cage with a contemporary aesthetic, a rainbow of colours, that is also keenly priced, then you may not need to look any further than the Tacx Deva.


  • Weight: 32g/35g (manufacturer's/author's measurements)
  • Adjustment: limited, via slot in boss plate
  • RRP: £12.99

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