Lezyne M-Caddy QR saddle bag review

Clever storage solutions and robust construction make the M Caddy a great option for carrying the essentials on your next ride

lezyne m-caddy qr saddle bag
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Lezyne M-Caddy QR saddle bag ticks almost all the boxes for what makes a great saddlebag. Neat, compartmentalised storage, good capacity and a no rattle or rub design. If you don’t need to swap it quickly from one bike to the next, the durable nature of the M Caddy is a winner.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Simple, no rub fitting

  • +

    Allows quick access to your multitool

  • +

    Durable and weatherproof materials

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Zip and seams are not 100% waterproof

  • -

    Saddle rail attachment needs careful tightening

  • -

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The Lezyne M-Caddy QR saddle bag features a raft of really neat features typical to Lezyne products. If you are not aware of Lezyne’s take on bags they tend to be about organisation and integration and this one follows suit.

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The QR in the name applies to the fitting system that consists of a plastic clamp that attached to the back of your saddle rails and holds the bag solidly in place away from delicate bike parts with no rattles or fuss. Don’t be tempted to over tighten the clamp, it remained solidly in place with minimal fuss. The plastic construction could crack if tightened too much.

Lezyne M Caddy qr saddle bag clamp

The saddle bag is attached to the rails using a clamp rather than a strap

The wide, drop down rear of Lezyne M-Caddy QR saddle bag opens with a waterproof zip. Inside you are treated to several small compartments all easily labelled with what they should contain – obviously the implication is to purchase the Lezyne products that fit perfectly in these slots but other brands also fit with the usual essentials fitting easily

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The construction is of durable, waterproof nylon and the rear part is wipe clean and features a reflective light loop, again seams are not waterproof so keep checking the contents. A really clever feature is the secure external pocket for your multitool, Lezyne has realised that this is the one tool to have quickly to hand. A really well thought out bag for neat riders.

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