What are the essentials you need to take on every bike ride? We run you through seven of the most important

Pump, inner tube and tyre levers are all equally important - forget any one of them and you won't be able to fix that puncture!

Image shows a rider carrying the essentials she needs for every ride in a saddle bag.
(Image credit: Future)

Part of the joy of cycling comes from liberating feeling of riding care-free and under your own steam to wherever you want to go. The world may appear to be your oyster, but it's worth not forgetting that bikes are fundamentally mechanical - and what's mechanical can break down. 

Thankfully, there still isn't really that much that can go wrong with a bike, they are much simpler machines than cars - or even mopeds. In most cases, anyone with the right tools and a little know-how will be able to put it right - but that assumes you've actually brought the right tools!

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