Mavic Hotride Sleeveless base layer

Mavic’s lightweight base layer is well suited to warm weather cycling




  • Comfortable soft touch feel
  • Good rear coverage
  • Wicks well


  • Prone to stain from sunscreen

Price as reviewed:


At first sight, the Mavic Hotride Sleeveless base layer looks thicker than its competition. It has less of the string vest look, with a more opaque fabric used, although it has a large number of pinpoint perforations in it, so airflow is still pretty good. There’s a stringier Hotride+ option if you want more cooling, although the standard Hotride tested here is amply comfortable for typical UK and European riding conditions.

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Weight wise, there’s not a lot between the Mavic Hotride Sleeveless base layer and other similar summer base layers and the soft 37.5 fabric used keeps you comfortable even in warm conditions. That, says Mavic, is down to “active particles” in the weave, which it says absorb heat and wick away sweat five times faster than untreated polyester. The 37.5 name refers to the body’s optimum temperature, expressed in centigrade.

The cut is well suited to riding, with a longer back than front. The bottom hem incorporates a silicone band to help keep it in place. There’s some zoning in the fabric with more perforations in the centre front than at the sides and rear. The body is seamless, with just a single flatlocked seam at the shoulders, so there’s nothing to rub and irritate when riding.

Mavic Hotride Sleeveless baselayer

Mavic uses 37.5 fabric in the Hotride baselayer, which it says helps to regulate body temperature

Mavic makes the Mavic Hotride Sleeveless base layer in just three sizes: XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL. That reflects the inherent stretch in the fabric and the Mavic Hotride Sleeveless base layer’s ability to cater for a range of body types.

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Mavic’s vee necked collar means that you get good airflow when you unzip your jersey, helping you keep your cool and there’s plenty of cut away around the shoulders and armpits too.

The Mavic Hotride Sleeveless base layer comes in white only. That’s a good option to help reflect the sun’s rays. But since it’s going to be used in hotter conditions, I will usually have used sunscreen on my neck. This tends to discolour the white fabric and over time, I’ve found that the collar has developed a yellow tinge.

But that’s my only real complaint about what is otherwise an excellent, comfortable summer weight undergarment.


The Mavic Hotride Sleeveless base layer is comfortable, with a soft feel and excellent wicking. But the white only colour option does lead to staining from sunscreen over time.


Weight: 72g