Megmeister Drynamo Cycle base layer review

Megmeister’s sleeveless base layer is comfortable and effective

Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Megmeister Drynamo Cycle base layer provides a comfortable, stretchy fit and good performance. Without seams, it lays close against the skin and wicks your sweat away well. But it is pricy.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Stretchy, comfortable and seamless

  • +

    Effective wicking

  • +

    Good airflow through the mesh panels

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -


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The defining feature of the Megmeister Drynamo Cycle base layer is its seamless construction. There is only a single seam over each shoulder, but otherwise it’s all one piece. That extends not just to the body, but to the armholes, collar and waistband which are all unseamed around their edges.

When not worn, this gives the Megmeister Drynamo Cycle a rather unfinished look as the edges, particularly at the armholes, tend to curl up. But the effect disappears once the Megmeister Drynamo Cycle base layer is worn and the fabric is stretched out more. And the lack of seams means that it’s very comfortable worn under a jersey and bib shorts, with no obvious transition at the base layer’s edges.

It also leads to a very stretchy piece. The Megmeister Drynamo Cycle base layer comes in two sizes, which should fit the vast majority of wearers. You can choose between black, blue and white colour options. Although it appears opaque, when stretched, there’s a network of small holes across the grey front and rear panels of the Megmeister Drynamo Cycle base layer. That’s supported by a more closely woven, but still lightweight weave in the black areas.


No seams in the body or ar the collar and armholes lead to an unobtrusive, comfortable fit

This leads to good airflow even on hot days, coupled to enough fabric contact with the skin to wick sweat away very effectively. There’s plenty of length too and the stretch, coupled to the vertically ribbed sections at the midriff means that there’s minimal tendency to ride up. Even under a Gabba on a wet day, there’s little tendency for the Megmeister Drynamo Cycle base layer to get damp.

Although not quite on a par with the Castelli Pro Mesh summer base layer, the £50 price tag of the Megmeister Drynamo Cycle puts it at the premium end of the price range for a sleeveless base layer and £20 more than perfectly serviceable options like the popular Craft Cool Mesh base layer. It’s also £5 more than the equivalent Megmeister option for runners.

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