Token TK-BR7230 Accura brake calipers




  • Light
  • Stop well
  • No flex


  • Pricey

Price as reviewed:


I once had an argument with another rider about whether it was nuts to fit calipers that barely stopped you, just to save a massive chunk of weight.

That was indeed the dilemma facing many of the early CNC’d lightweight cam caliper designs. No longer is that the case.

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Our Token BR7230 Accuras with titanium hardware weighed in at 201g complete, knocking nearly 100g (that’s a sniff under a quarter of a pound) out of the weight of Shimano’s Dura-Ace.

But the crux was in the performance. The Tokens, fitted with the supplied SwissStop Flash pads, performed superbly.

Very little flex can be felt through the cam – a common concern with this style of caliper – providing a very solid and reassuring feel with excellent stopping power on tap.


If anything the brakes felt a little too solid at the lever, lacking a bit of modulation. Cable clamping is a smidgen fiddlier than your average Shimano/SRAM/Campag, but there's plenty of adjustment, so it should only be a one-time hassle, and they're worth it if you want to save significant grammage. Contact: