Assos Women's UMA GTV Jersey C2 review

Quality, comfort and performance for demanding rides but the price is high and the colour choices limited

Assos UMA GTV Jersey C2 main photo
(Image credit: Emma Silversides)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Assos’s Women’s UMA GTV Jersey C2 is all about performance without compromising on comfort. Soft fabrics that hug the body, creating a streamlined, second-skin effect, offer excellent levels of breathability. Construction is second to none and raw-cut edges make for a clean, stylish finish. The understated design is only available in two colours, both rather dark, so it’s not one for those who like eye-catching kit. The price is certainly both eye-catching and eye-watering though.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Well made

  • +

    High-performance fabrics

  • +


Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No recycled fabrics

  • -

    Only two dark colour options (at the time of reviewing)

  • -


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Performance-orientated summer jerseys tend to be stripped-back affairs; saving weight and creating something that’s breathable means doing away with finer details such as stitched hems, collars, zip garages and substantial reflective detailing. The Assos UMA GTV is bordering on falling into this category. Assos has been thoughtful enough to leave one or two considered elements there though; this isn’t a full-on race jersey, rather a high-performance piece for demanding riding.

The UMA GTV C2 is currently the most expensive jersey in Assos’s women’s range. It’s a bit more versatile than the race orientated Dyora RS S9, hence the higher price - it should offer more miles per pound. Sadly, the range of colours available is limited, I’d say that these two options don’t offer sufficient choice for those who value visibility. It’s a new jersey, so maybe Assos is testing the waters with the Bluish Green and Rock Purple before committing to more colours.

Construction and fit

The front panel of the jersey is made from a textile that Assos call Sens SN. They claim it’s ‘lighter, softer, and more breathable than previous Sens materials’ and it protects the skin with UPF 50+.

‘3-Mesh’ makes up the side panels, intended to deliver breathability and stretch.

Assos UMA GTV Jersey C2 side panels

(Image credit: Emma Silversides)

The rear is another mesh-style fabric, ‘Stabiliser’. It's not quite as 'open' as the side panels and offers UPF 30. I find it rather odd that protection would be less than at the front, but guess the mesh weave prevents anything higher.

Assos UMA GTV Jersey C2 rear

(Image credit: Emma Silversides)

At the sleeve, Assos has used something that sits between these two fabrics - a more breathable textile than at the front, but not such an open weave as at the rear. It’s a good balance to help keep you cool without being overly exposed to airflow. Encouragingly, it’s rated UPF 50.

A minimal collar, something more substantial than on the Dyora, doesn’t feature a zip garage. At the other end, there is a suede-like tab to protect shorts from abrasion.

A stabilising elasticated band at the rear is supported with silicone tabs. The front edge is a raw cut affair, giving a clean transition to shorts. It’s the same at the sleeve ends, with both elements being designed to stay put while you’re riding, without being restrictive or compressive.

Assos has reinforced the rear panel with a strip of Sens SN fabric, providing support for the three pockets. This contributes to the aesthetics of the jersey too, adding a flash of colour to the otherwise rather plain rear (providing pocket contents don’t obscure it).

Reflective strips sit over the pocket seams.

Overall construction is flawless and the jersey comes with Assos's standard two-year warranty. 

Assos UMA GTV Jersey C2 rear pocket detail

(Image credit: Emma Silversides)

I’ve been testing a medium, this was recommended by following Assos’s size guide which uses your height, weight and age, followed by an adjustable bust measurement to place you in the right category. The intended fit is reflective of a race-fit, though the nature of the fabrics mean it doesn’t necessarily feel as snug as some race-fit jerseys. Certainly there’s no gathering or wrinkling anywhere, but equally you won’t note pinching or tightness. I’ve been personally happy with body and sleeve length; enough lower back coverage and sufficient length for a no-gap arm warmer combination.

The ride

Styling and fit of the UMA GTV are certainly something I’d associate with performance orientated riding; its snug, streamlined fit has a strong hint of pro kit. The overall design is not as ‘racy’ as with Dyora, which is certainly a jersey I only ever want to pull on for racing or speed training in warm weather. The GTV UMA covers more ground in my opinion, ideal for anyone taking their cycling seriously, though not necessarily competitively. There’s no sense of compression and you’ll be happy in this hour after hour, whether you’re racing against a clock, a rival or simply pushing the pedals to your own rhythm; it’s as comfy as they come.

Recent conditions have been ideal for the UMA GTV; it’s capable of handling spring-like temperatures as well as summer ones. Most outings have been with a base layer, only when the temperatures have hit 20 degrees did I lose that. The fabrics work well to regulate body temperature, they dry out quickly should any dampness build up. 

The collar height is well judged; there’s something there but it’s not stifling and I rarely felt the need to unzip. 

An arm warmer combination is no issue, the sleeves sit firmly over the top and don’t ride up, despite there being no grippers there. Indeed, the jersey as a whole doesn’t shift about as you ride, even with loaded pockets.

The pockets themselves are well placed, making access easy. They are roomy enough for snacks, a windproof/gilet and a phone. Just like the Dyora, there's no zipped pocket on the UMA GTV.

Pocket placement and detail

(Image credit: Emma Silversides)

The understated design may help with accessory choices sock:s, mitts, shades, shoes can be bright and colourful with minimal clash risk. However, for me, the colour is just not bright enough; the solid black rear is inconspicuous out on the road, particularly in low-light conditions, and the front panel doesn't improve things really. The reflective detailing is more than on some jerseys, but doesn’t compensate for the overall dark design.

Value and conclusion

At £165 / $190, it's no trivial investment and, if you are going to part with your money, you'll need to fall in love with the one of the two colours. Quality is unquestionable; the jersey should last you a long time and the understated design will never go out of fashion. Performance and comfort don't come into question either, however, this is still a huge price tag. Those on a budget won't struggle to find alternatives for less than half the price of Assos's, and certainly with more colour choices.


  • RRP: £165 / $190
  • Sizes: XS-XLG
  • Colours: Bluish Green, Rock Purple
  • Weight (M): 129g

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