F3 FormMount OTS Garmin mount review

An over-the-stem solution which will suit those swapping bikes regularly

F3 FormMount
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Cycling Weekly Verdict

A great little mount which is lightweight and easy to fit. The over-the-stem position isn't for everyone but it is versatile, taking the bar shape and diameter out of the equation as well as stem length. Currently, this is a Garmin-only item, but Wahoo compatibility is promised in the future.

Reasons to buy
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    Quick and easy to fit

Reasons to avoid
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    Garmin only

  • -

    Over-stem position not for everyone

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The F3 FormMount OTS computer mount arrived with me alongside the brand's key road offering: the F3 FormMount. The latter is designed to use the stem faceplate bolts to offer a tidy solution for mounting computers, lights and cameras. However, in many cases, bikes I'm testing use an integrated stem/bar combo, so the faceplate-mounted FormMount has been limited in its use case, whilst the OTS has become my go-to.

F3 FormMount OTS Garmin mount construction

The OTS is constructed from plastic and made up of two parts. There's a round ring which slips on to the steerer, then the mount itself. A 2.5mm Allen key bolt joins to two, allowing users to angle the display.

F3 FormMount OTS Garmin mount

If you use a computer with a larger screen, you'll need to fit it on top of any spacers, to ensure that you can achieve a full turn without being disrupted by your spacer chimney.

The mount weighs in at just 9g, making it a very effective solution for those looking to keep their overall bike weight down. Currently, it's compatible with Garmin computers only, though Wahoo compatibility is said to be on the way.

F3 FormMount OTS Garmin mount in use

As a bike tester, I'm riding a new bike every month, so versatility is key and that's been the major plus for the OTS. Most people do not take delivery of a new bike on a monthly basis, but the design will still appeal to anyone who has multiple bikes but doesn't want to shell out for multiple mounts, or spend ages swapping them between machines.

The mount works regardless of bar shape/diameter, spacer set-up (though it looks much better if your top cap is flush), and unlike the basic Garmin mount which attaches via two elastic bands, it won't mark your stem. An additional benefit would be felt by those riding with shorter stems, who can use the OTS approach to escape the issue where there's just not enough space for a Garmin 1030/Garmin 1030 Plus sized screen.

Fitting the mount takes minutes. Of course, you are undoing the top cap bolt and stem bolts, so you want to give yourself enough time to ensure that these are correctly torqued on return, but this isn't a big job.

On first use, I did not adequately tighten the bolt which supports the hinge. Disappointingly, the multitool I had with me did not have a 2.5mm Allen head either, so I had to put up with an orchestra of rattles all ride. However, this was user error and, with it corrected, the mount and its cargo were silent. A 2.5mm bolt head is pretty small, so it's important to take care when tightening or loosening, I'm sure spares are available but waiting for one would put the mount out of action for a while.

The 'over the stem' position is popular among off-road riders as it keeps the computer out of harm's way. It's not an approach we see road riders take all that often, and it does come with drawbacks – namely being below you rather than out front means moving your head more to view maps and data. This wouldn't be my preference, but it's a small price to pay for the convenience of easy swaps and universality.

I've been using the mount for months now, it's held up well against plenty of abuse off-road, and I've no concerns over its ability to survive years of abuse.

F3 FormMount OTS Garmin mount value

At £34.99, the OTS mount feels a little bit overpriced for the plastic device you're getting. However, when you look at what it offers – versatility and low weight – it provides a very good solution. It's also cheaper than the competition, K-Edge's MTB/Stem Adjustable Mount comes in at £44.99.

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