Ale PRR 2.0 Agonista 2 bib shorts review

Ale is known for its loud-and-proud kit but has gone for a more classic look with the PRR 2.0 Agonista 2 bib shorts

Ale PRR 2.0 Agonista 2 bib shorts
Cycling Weekly Verdict

I like the Ale PRR 2.0 Agonista 2 bib shorts – they deliver in comfort across the board, though do frustrate with peeling logos and gripper ends.

Reasons to buy
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  • +

    Well priced

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Logos have started to peal already

  • -

    Leg gripper folds at the end after only a few uses

Ale seemed to explode on the scene a couple of years ago, offering a number of loud shorts and jersey combos. I couldn't go for a ride in the UK or abroad without seeing a handful of brightly patterned Ale-clad cyclists.

This time Ale has supplied us with something a little more classic looking and I like it, especially with the bright 'Ale' stamp on the side of the leg.

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The Ale PRR 2.0 Agonista 2 bib shorts retail for £130, which places them in the mid-range price bracket.

I tested a size small and found that for those that have a cyclist's thigh – many of us I'm sure – they're seriously tight around the tightly woven Lycra leg ends. However, since these are wide, they're surprisingly comfortable when on and grip very well allowing no riding up or movement.

Ale PRR 2.0 Agonista 2 bib shorts

Leg grippers are very strong and work very well

This means they are a struggle to pull up and and made me question if I should go up a size. It also means that with, in common with almost all type of leg openings like this, the fabric tends to perish quickly, losing shape and folding up around the edge after only after a few rides.

Similarly with the Ale stickers on the side of the shorts: these have started to peel already after only a few rides and washes, which is very annoying.

Ale PRR 2.0 Agonista 2 bib shorts

Labels already peeling which is annoying

Overall fit-wise, the Ale PRR 2.0 Agonista 2 bib shorts are very good. The bibs are a nice length and support well without digging into the shoulders. The shaping of the thighs and bum is good and you forget you're wearing them. I would almost compare them to the Assos T Equipe EVO shorts in this regard. Comfortable, nice against the skin and well fitting.

The Ale bib shorts follow the latest trend of a fairly long leg, which sits well.

Ale PRR 2.0 Agonista 2 bib shorts

Pad is very wide and will become annoying over long hours in the saddle

The pad is comfortable and I had no particular issue with it. After a couple of hour-long crits I hadn't suffered any discomfort or numbness, which is good, although I did find the pad was a bit wide and looking down it actually starts to come down either side of the inner leg. That might need a rework on the new model as I'd imagine over time this would become bunched and annoying.

Otherwise, a solid pair of shorts for £130.