The Giro Techne is a classic shoe with three Velcro closures, sitting on a nylon sole

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Score 8

Giro Techne cycling shoes


  • Quality construction
  • Comfortable with good foot support
  • Reasonably stiff sole
  • Adequate ventilation


  • Velcro closures tend to become less effective over time


Giro Techne cycling shoes


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At the lowest price end of Giro’s extensive shoe range, the Giro Techne is a classic design with three Velcro straps to close the upper.

The shoe sits on a nylon sole unit, which is adequately stiff, although there’s a bit of flex under load. Like many shoes at this price point, it will accept both three bolt cleats and two bolt versions, if you want to use a more walkable cleat. There’s a vent under the toes and a moulded-in heel gripper.

The black-and-white synthetic leather upper includes fabric ventilation panels in the forefoot and between the straps. There are also some small perforations in the synthetic leather. These give adequate ventilation. The heel cup is well padded, firm and comfortable.


Giro Techne

You can fit either two bolt or three bolt cleats to the Techne’s nylon sole

The Giro Techne is available in black and bright yellow with black accents too. The former is less likely to show the dirt, while the latter adds some extra visibility over the white and black colour scheme.

The Giro Techne has quite a wide fit and good toe box volume, so it’s comfortable in use. Although the tongue is unpadded, it doesn’t dig into your foot when riding.

The Velcro straps are broad enough to hold your foot in place well and comfortably. But a shoe with a ratchet or Boa dial closure does make for easier fine adjustment of the uppers while you’re riding.

Velcro also tends to become less effective over time as it picks up debris and the hooks deteriorate. It’s not such an issue with the lower straps, but can lead to a less effective hold on the foot when it affects the top closure, so you may find that you need to replace your shoes if this happens.


The Giro Techne provides a well made entry level shoe on a reasonably stiff sole unit. But the three Velcro strap closure is likely to prove less long-lasting than an upper Boa or ratchet.


Weight:556g pair size 42