Giro Terraduro cycling shoes

Simon Scarsbrook puts the Giro Terraduro through their paces across a range of riding, and finds a very good pair of cycling shoes




  • Very comfortable from the beginning
  • Suitable for varying terrains and a range of riding types
  • Durable thanks to increased padding and rubberised bumper


  • Do not dry out easily

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  • I first wore the Giro Terraduro cycling shoes on the days leading to the 3 peaks cyclocross this year, for a steady ride on and around the bridleways & cycleways that intersperse the race route.

    I was quite taken aback by their comfort and suitability to the varying parcour of the Yorkshire Dales – rock, peat bog, steep slopes both up and down, not to mention a fair bit of riding. So much so that I went against the adage of not wearing new shoes for a race, and did.

    They were perfect, less so my fitness on the day, but they gave a sure footedness on the damp rock and many (many!) stone steps, without compromising the stiffness in the sole required when pedalling.

    Billed as a ‘trail’ shoe, the Terraduro look surprisingly ‘racey’, for what is basically a racing shoe upper, on a Vibram walking boot sole, and refreshingly keep with a simple ratchet and Velcro closures, which to me seem less fussy and easily adjustable compared with the ‘plastic dials and fishing line’ approach.

    They are slightly more padded out than most, providing a bit of scuff protection, aided by a rubberised ‘bumper’ material cut high around the edges. Despite the padding and relatively heavy duty sole, they do not feel particularly heavy though (420g).

    Ideal for off-road riding, I have also found them perfect for commuting and, with a feel of ‘all-day’ comfort, I expect they would also be perfectly suited for cycle-touring, in fact anywhere which would involve both riding and walking.

    Tested by Simon Scarsbrook: general on and off road riding, commuting, 3 Peaks Cyclocross 

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    A comfortable pair of shoes that are suitable for a range of disciplines and terrain types. Great for the commute and races.


    Sizes : 40 - 48
    Weight : 420g

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