Giro Trans BOA road shoe review

The revamped Trans benefits from a Boa update

giro trans (boa)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The latest update to the Giro Trans has improved it to another level thanks to the BOA dials. It is efficient and relatively comfortable, though we'd recommend trying before you buy. The only let down is that it's just a little bit bland and uninspiring in design.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Same Easton EC70 sole as more expensive Giro shoes

  • +

    Excellent heel retention

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Upper is a little stiff around the side of the foot

  • -

    Uninspiring looks

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For Giro the Trans model has always represented the gateway to high performance within its road shoe range. It's the first model to feature a full carbon sole and to also share significant tech with the ever popular, high-end Empire and Imperial models.

The Trans has now had a complete update and Giro has done away with the ratchet buckle retention system of old and instead has adapted these shoes to feature a modern BOA dial and lace retention system.

The upper has been changed to a more multi-panel design, doing away with the almost one-piece looking, perforated upper of old. The new Trans shares the same toe shaping as before but it now has areas of mesh panelling here as well as around the mid-foot area.

The biggest difference is of course the change from ratchet and velcro to BOA dial and single velcro strap. This cleans up the outside of the shoe and prevents it from becoming too bulky looking, something the old shoe suffered from.

The single BOA L6 dial can incrementally tighten and release the shoe by minute amounts, really helping to fine-tune the fit. It also benefits from being able to fully release the tension by lifting up the dial, perfect for rapidly kicking off wet shoes at the end of a cold ride.

giro trans (BOA)

Easton carbon sole is stiff yet comfortable.

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The way Giro shoes fit has always been nicely down the middle in terms of width and normally I have no problems getting a pair to feel snug and comfy. The toe box of the Trans BOA has plenty of wiggle room and heel retention is impressive when you consider it doesn't look or feel overly engineered.

One small gripe I found with the Trans BOA was that it pinched slightly at the outside of my forefoot, this was more about the upper material than the actual fit as it has very little 'give'. It wasn't enough for me to feel real pain, just a little niggle. The good news for those of you who do have wide feet is Giro also make the Trans BOA in a HV (High Volume) version giving all of us an option to use them in anger.

Another area of fit that the Trans misses out on when compared to more expensive Giro shoes is the lack of the customisable 'SuperNatural Fit' footbed, instead it has a standard, medium density footbed designed to work fine for most riders.

giro trans (BOA)

A change to BOA dials improves the Trans' retention abilities.

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The Easton EC70 carbon sole provides plenty of stiffness and pedalling efficiency whilst still retaining a low stack height.

After riding several pairs of Giro shoes featuring this sole, it's noticeable that it isn't as stiff as other full carbon offerings. This isn't a criticism per se as the level of flexibility is quite minute but is more than enough to enable the Trans BOA to perform without pain or hotspots on longer rides.

Aesthetically, the Trans Boa from Giro isn't quite as slick as other offerings at the same price point, though it does provide a good level of ventilation via the perforated sections within the upper.

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