Northwave Farenheit winter boots




  • Warm
  • Waterproof


  • Check sizing
  • Small ankle cuff

Price as reviewed:


Compared to many winter boots, the Farenheits feel and look far sleeker.

The ankle cuff lacks the bulk of many of its competitors while doing a good job of keeping the heat in.

Sadly it’s not a fantastic watertight seal so, despite the Gore-Tex, it’s possible to get wet feet. That said, these have been the only shoes to date that have kept my toes from going numb on 0°C rides.

For me, that’s a huge accomplishment. The fit is mid to wide, so there’s room for a thick sock – like a Woolie Boolie – but double check sizing as constricted toes will kill any heat retention.


It was also nice to see a reasonably stiff sole, without gaining too much weight. The carbon powder used to reinforce the nylon seems to do the trick here.