Shimano R310 shoe



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Having been impressed by the predecessor to the Shimano R310, this certainly has a lot to live up to.

Retaining many of the same features as the Shimano R300 such as the full custom fit, deep heel cup and mouldable insoles, for me the Shimano R310 offers a good fit prior to any customising, but it is after they are moulded that they really impress.

The vacuum heat moulding makes the shoes fit beautifully; areas that were annoyances on other shoes are no longer an issue. The hollow carbon sole provides a rigid platform for power transfer yet does not tire the foot out or produce any ‘hot spots.’

One definite improvement that the Shimano R310 offers over the R300 and others is the use of an anti-bacterial lining that eliminates any unpleasant odours. Two vents in the sole plus the mesh panels in the upper aid ventilation and prevent any overheating. The outers are wipe-clean so despite multiple soakings and a little off-road avalanche dodging they still look like new and being white, that is a definite bonus!

Available in half sizes as well as a wide fitting version


This is a state-of-the-art cycling shoe.