Adidas Evil Eye Half Rim sunglasses review

Not from the most fashionable sunglasses brand, can the Adidas Evil Eye sunglasses deliver out on the road?

Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Adidas Evil Eye sunglasses may not come from the most fashioable sunglasses brand, but offer excellent performance at what seems like a reasonable cost.

Reasons to buy
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    Excellent ventilation

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    Top quality frame

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Reasons to avoid
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They might not be from the first company you'd go to in search of sunglasses, but these Adidas Evil Eye Half Rims are seriously impressive and are more than a match for sunnies from some of the more established brands.

The most impressive thing about these sunglasses is the ventilation. I wore these sunglasses on a number of rides around the North Downs, and even when stopping at the top of a steep climb where it finished by meeting a major road I experienced very little steaming up, even when breathing hard and standing still while waiting for a gap in the traffic. And what steaming up did occur cleared within seconds of setting off again.

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Available in five different colour options, the frame of the Adidas Evil Eyes may not have the same complicated design as some of the latest Oakley offerings, but that doesn't mean they don't do a great job.

The frame is lightweight with the arms doing a good job of keeping the glasses in place. To be honest most of the time I forgot that I was even wearing sunglasses - exactly what you want from a good pair.

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As an added bonus, Adidas supplies the glasses with spare orange lenses, which are great for riding in gloomy conditions, brightening up the most overcast of days. There is also a sweat guard attached to the top of the frame, which in theory helps to keep sweat out of your eyes on particularly hot days. However I'm not sure hwo necessary this really is, and find that my eyebrows do a good enough job already.

At £140 the Adidas Evil Eyes might seem expensive, but considering the quality they still seem to offer good value for money.

For more details head over to the Adidas website.

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