Invani Men's Cool Weather Reversible Jersey review - a great option even if it wasn't reversible

Reversibility will never not be cool, and Invani has matched versatility with quality with this design

Image shows a rider wearing the Invani Cool Weather Reversible Jersey
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Cycling Weekly Verdict

A really good option for rides when the temperature is in the teens. Pair it with arm warmers and a jacket and it remains a great option even if it is a little colder. Tight access to the pockets is a frustration, but everything else scores very highly.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great fit

  • +

    Excellent shoulder season alternative

  • +


  • +


  • +

    Reasonably priced

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Poor access to pockets

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It’s not easy in cooler weather to feel fast or racey, not when we’re loaded up on layers.

Invani has attempted to address this style-issue that cyclists face by producing a reversible short sleeved jersey with thicker fabric built for temperatures ranging between 10 and 18 degrees - a challenge for even the best short sleeve jerseys.

The result is something pretty good. There’s a sharp cut on the arms that gives the racing vibe, while the material on the front panels and collar are noticeably more stocky and thus warmer.

Where Invani have succeeded in this product is that the back panel has been constructed from the exact same fabric as its summer offerings, meaning that overheating is prevented, while at the same time you’re kept snug around the collar, arms, and chest.

Typically it's the reversible feature that scores Invani the high marks; this time around it's its construction.

Invani Cool Weather Reversible Jersey: construction

Produced using 83 per cent polyester and 17 per cent elastane - Invani’s go-to combination - the jersey uses the same fabric on the front, arm and collar panels that is also used on their long-sleeved jerseys made for winter riding.

The back panel, as alluded to, is built from less thick panels that allow sweat to pass through without sticking to the back, enabling faster drying on the outside surface.

I tested a size small that fitted perfectly; I was particularly a fan of the longer arm length that came to within 7cm of my elbow when fully stretched out. That’s a nice touch, especially for those colder rides when you want added coverage.

Credit to Invani because they have pulled off the reversible look fantastically well. Regardless of the side you are wearing, there is zero indication that the inner side can be reversed into the outer, and no giveaway that a different colour lies behind. 

The British company has kept their branding to a minimum, only writing their name three times on the red side (upper right pectoral, left sleeved and pockets) and twice on the burgundy side (collar and pockets). The result is a clean look. Elsewhere, two reflective strips are on each side’s three pockets (in reality, this jersey has six pockets to use).

Invani Cool Weather Reversible Jersey: the ride

I was a little concerned about how this jersey would stack up at the upper and lower ranges of the temperatures it’s claimed to be built for. Would it be too warm if the thermometer showed 20 degrees? Would it be too cold on a chilly morning?

The former can be answered with a resounding no, and I was really impressed by the jersey’s breathability and ability to wick away sweat and heat. The latter question has a similar answer, with the jersey adapting to colder conditions well enough, and I found that paired with some arm warmers it provided me with sufficient warmth for shoulder season coverage. A note here though: this would not be a jersey for winter or hotter summer rides - it most definitely is a jersey for the temperatures stated.

I preferred the burgundy side to the red as it looked smarter and more elegant. It’s just a personal preference, but I found the red side quite basic, lacking in style. Neither did it really go with any bib shorts I own. The bonus, however, is that because of its reversibility I could change to the burgundy side as I desired. A great use of the reversibility is that Invani’s products are fantastic on multi-day trips as it means less jerseys need to be packed. 

I was disappointed, however, by the pockets on both sides. There is ample room, and there is good stretch meaning you can force a lot in, but entrance to the pockets is tight and quite restrictive. I really found myself fighting with the left pockets in particular to retrieve whatever I wanted.

Invani Cool Weather Reversible Jersey: value and conclusion

There is no doubt that Invani’s cool weather jersey is a good purchase for shoulder season or early morning summer rides. Paired with arm warmers and a gilet and it’s an attractive alternative to a long sleeved jersey for when the temperatures are even cooler.

Being able to reverse the jersey into a different colour is not just a funky addition but a useful one, especially if you don’t want to be changing kit every other day.

The issue with the pockets is a frustration and ultimately costs the jersey a better rating, but I can’t let that taint my opinion too much because otherwise this is a really good jersey.

Priced at $99 / £85 it's about par-for-course with other short sleeve jerseys on the market, although it is cheaper than Assos' MILLE GT and about half the price of the Le Col Hors Categorie jersey

With Invani’s product you’re getting a versatile jersey that can be worn for most of the year in more temperate climates.


Price: £85/$99/€99
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Colours: Red and burgundy

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