Invani Reversible Arm Warmers review

Lightweight arm warmers that are the perfect accompaniment on shoulder season riding - providing there's no rain forecast

Male cyclist wearing Invani's Reversible Arm Warmers
(Image credit: Future)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

As good as any other arm warmers on the market. Being able to turn them inside out possibly nudges them ahead of their competitors. You can't go wrong.

Reasons to buy
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    Good fit

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    Clean look

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Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No waterproofing means for dry rides only

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Anyone who buys anything from Invani is probably doing so because they are intrigued by the reversible colours, a feature that no other cycling brand to our knowledge replicates.

But the independent British brand still has to provide high-quality, durable clothing if those customers are to become repeat clients, and their arm warmers certainly do that.

There’s nothing super special about these warmers - then again, it’s questionable how you can really improve a good pair of arm warmers - but they tick every box required of them. 

What sets them apart from their rivals is the company’s flagship unique policy: one side one colour, the other side a different colour. And that remains a cool and persuasive hallmark.

Male cyclist wearing Invani's Reversible Arm Warmers

(Image credit: Future)

Invani Reversible Arm Warmers: construction

Just like Invani’s jerseys, the material is sourced from Italy and packs in 83 percent polyester and 17 percent elastane. The former material means that the garment has quick dry properties, while the latter ensures that there is a good amount of stretch. The combination of fabrics plays into Invani’s look of being race-fitting without having the suffocation properties of a skinsuit. The arm warmers are not waterproof so are strictly for use in dry conditions.

Both sides of the arm warmers have a silicone stripper at the bicep end, making sure that the warmers stay in place. Towards the hand, the warmers end abruptly with a sharp but neat raw cut edge.

I tested the warmers that have a blue and black side, with the blue colourway being the only side to have the brand’s logo printed on it; Invani is printed in small letters on both the forearms. 

Invani's Reversible Arm Warmers folded up

The arm warmers fold up into a very small ball, capable of slotting into any back pocket and still leaving ample room

(Image credit: Future)

Invani Reversible Arm Warmers: the ride

The first thing to note about these arm warmers is that they were quick to put on and never rolled down or up my arm, staying exactly why I wanted them to be. Like all arm warmers it’s impossible to remove the wrinkles and creases, but they always looked in position on my arms. 

I found the warmers were breathable and felt comfortable against my skin, although my forearm did feel sticky at times whenever I upped the intensity of the ride. 

This was a clear sign to me that these warmers are accurately pitched for dry spring and autumn rides when the weather is between 8 and 20 degrees, or for when descending a mountain in the summer.

Weighing a meagre 23 grams each, that’s about par for course, and I was pleased at how quick and easy it was to take the warmers off and store them in my back pocket. It was possible to roll them both into each other and still have additional space to store some food, keys or whatever else in my pocket. I’d estimate that together they occupied half of one pocket.

I personally preferred the black side as it matches the majority of my clothing better, but it was nice to have the option of switching to the blue colourway, especially when riding in blue bib shorts. I don’t think the reversibility option is as persuasive on the air warmers as it is their jerseys and gilets, but it’s nice just to have the potential to turn the warmers inside out depending on what other pieces of kit you’re wearing.

Invani Reversible Arm Warmers: value and conclusion

These warmers are just as good as anything else on the market. At $29 / £25 they’re the same price as Castelli’s Pro Seamless  and Giro’s Chrono arm warmers.

They are generally quite breathable, lightweight and stay in position at all times, as well as feeling comfortable against the skin. The option of being able to decide if you want to sport a blue or black look is a quirky and useful feature that sets Invani apart from its competitors.

The fact that they aren’t waterproof means that there probably are better options available for UK-based riders, but if you require warmers for dry conditions, you can’t really go wrong at all. 

Invani Reversible Arm Warmers: specs

Price: £25/$29/€29
Colours: black and blue; red and burgundy; grey and dark green; grey and teal
Size: small, medium, large, XL

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