dhb Windslam Blade jersey review

dhb Windslam Blade jersey
Cycling Weekly Verdict

It's worth trying a size down, given the stretch of the fabric. Despite not being from a big ?name', the Windslam Blade impressed.

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    Big pockets

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    Large cut

Despite being classified by dhb as a jersey, the Windslam Blade is definitely an outer layer capable of being used when the temperature drops.

The 235g/m2 Miti Lombardia Roubaix fabric is similar to that used in legwear and this accounts for the soft feel, comfort and fit. A common failing of jackets is the tail riding up, but there was no danger with the Blade.

The long rear section never moved, even with laden pockets - these are note worthy in themselves.

You still need to carry plenty in winter so it was nice to see three traditional pockets (plus a zippered security pocket) but it was the detail that stood out. An accordion-like lower seam means they expand well to take a load without causing the tail to rise.

Zippered vents offer airflow over the armpits when riding hard, to cool without chilling the chest, but beware: the cut is larger over the shoulders than the body.