Altura NV2 Thermo jersey

The Altura NV2 Thermo jersey offers warmth, visibility and loads of pockets




  • Good fit
  • Lots of reflective panels
  • Warm enough for spring riding
  • Plenty of pockets


  • Not windproof, so you might need a gilet too if there’s a keen wind
  • No rainproof pocket

Price as reviewed:


With conditions warming up slightly, a winter jacket can be a bit too warm. The Altura NV2 Thermo jersey is a good weight if it’s around 10C outside.

The Altura NV2 Thermo jersey is fleece lined and sufficiently close woven to give a degree of windproofing and to help keep in your body heat, although it’s not fully windproof or weatherproof. Heat is also aided by a good fit around the hip, cuffs and collar and has a backing strip to the zipper.

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Even if the weather is warming up, visibility can still be an issue. To increase your ability to stand out from the background in low light conditions, Altura incorporates large areas of reflective fabric in the NV2 Thermo jersey. Although not obviously reflective, the dark grey parts of the jersey are made of retroreflective material, which lights up in a car’s headlights.

Altura NV2 Thermo

You get a total of five open pockets plus a sixth zipped one at the back of the NV2 Thermo jersey

So the shoulders and the entire rear side of the sleeves is reflective and there are two strips of reflective material built into the back of the jacket. There’s a reflective Altura logo on the back central pocket and a reflective logo on the left front shoulder too.

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Altura has gone to town on pockets too in the NV2 Thermo jersey, providing five open pockets and a rear zipped pocket. This means that there’s ample space to carry all the usual winter bits and bobs, as well as some extra inner tubes and gels to help get you home. The zipped pocket is not waterproof though, so you’ll need to carry anything delicate in a waterproof sleeve.

Sizing is UK-accurate and the fit is not too tight, so you can layer up under the NV2 Thermo jersey if you need to. Being relatively lightweight, you’re unlikely to overheat in the jersey if the temperature does increase.

At £60, the Altura NV2 Thermo jersey is well priced for a piece with a wide range of features, a good fit and enough warmth to get you through early spring.


The Altura NV2 Thermo jersey provides a good level of insulation for your spring or autumn riding, when the temperature is around 10C or above. There are lots of pockets and large reflective panels to help up your visibility.


Weight: 356g