B’Twin Aerofit 900 jacket review

This offering from budget retailer Decathlon really holds its own against much pricier options from better known cycling clothing brands

Photo: Decathlon
Cycling Weekly Verdict

For the price it's hard to fault this jacket. But to be really strict on the testing criteria, it did let water through eventually and wasn't the warmest once this happened. Still, for 50 quid you can't go far wrong

  • +

    Low price

  • +

    Keeps most of the rain out

  • +

    Aero fit

  • -

    The water gets through eventually, then you get cold

  • -

    Breathability could be better

With its own-brand B’Twin range of equipment and clothing, Decathlon always aims to deliver quality at prices far below the competition. The Aerofit 900 long-sleeve jersey follows that design brief: it’s a product worn by the FDJ Pro Team but doesn’t break the bank.

The Aerofit very much lives up to its name, and the body has a very snug shape, though the upper arms slightly flap in the wind. It may be worth going a size up to ensure you’re able to fit more layers underneath; this jacket isn’t particularly warm, despite claiming a 4/5 thermal insulation rating.

With the lower thermal ability, this product fares best in autumn, spring and during milder days in winter. However, it may not do so well in warmer conditions, as the breathability is not brilliant when putting in big efforts.

The key feature, and the one that can be the difference between an enjoyable ride and distinct discomfort, is waterproofing. It is here that the Aerofit 900 does well. While testing this jacket in intermittent heavy showers, it was reassuring to see the rain drops beading on the surface of the fabric and being blown away by the gusty wind. The jacket isn’t entirely waterproof, only water-repellent, but this is far more protection than is provided by a standard jersey.

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