Rapha Classic Flyweight jersey review

The Rapha Classic Flyweight jersey is made of quality technical fabrics but falls down on its fit

Cycling Weekly Verdict

A good looking jersey made of technical fabric but it'll come down to whether you prefer a tight fitting or looser fitter item of clothing

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Technical fabric

  • +

    Stylish good looks

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Pockets don't sit centrally when riding

  • -

    Sleeves pull up and jersey bunches on the shoulders

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In recent years it has been common to see companies making cycling jerseys more aggressive rather than less. That often means a shorter cut, pulling you down low over your handlebars and a tighter fit on the arms and the torso.

For this reason it's interesting to see Rapha take the opposite approach with latest version of one of its original jersey's the Rapha Classic Flyweight jersey, which deliberately has a far looser cut and more classic design.

My jersey came in a size small which fit my torso very well, having a nice cut around the waist and very extended rear – longer than on most jerseys that I've used. The area where you notice the more 'regular' fit is on the arms, which pull up the arm rather than holding themselves in place. That is obviously the point of having a looser cut, but it comes down to personal preference and I tend to like a tighter fitting jersey just because I have tiny arms!

Regardless of your preference for the fit on the arms, the fit across the shoulders wasn't quite right and it often bunched up in a little roll. I suspect this was why the sleeves pulled up in the way they did.

Rapha Classic Flyweight Jersey

Rapha describes the fabric of the jersey as 'extremely technical', and I definitely noticed its weight (or lack there-off) and it's a very thin top. After all, this is a jersey designed for hot and humid conditions, making it the perfect jersey for the recent heatwave we've been experiencing.

See more: Rapha Classic Flyweight jersey at Rapha.cc 

When riding, it handles the increased sweat very well, and the jersey rarely felt wet at the end of rides. Even better, after hanging up for a couple of hours it felt (and smelt) ready to go again – which will be great for those who like to save on washing (and for their riding mates, too).

Three pockets across the rear are spacious enough to swallow up all your valuables, although I wouldn't over pack them. On one epic 160km outing I stuffed them full and found that it caused the jersey to swing annoyingly around the side of my torso rather than sitting still on my back.

Other finishing features include a full length zip and a low, classy looking collar that I prefer over a taller one. Although at £95 SRP Rapha has this jersey on offer for £47.50, bargain!

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