Velocio Women's Signature jersey review

Supreme comfort and versatility but the fabric isn't without its flaws

Female cyclist wearing the Velocio Women's Signature jersey
(Image credit: Emma Silversides)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

We've tested a few Velocio jerseys over the years but we'd rate this one the most versatile to date. The fabrics are super soft and stretchy: it's a luxury to pull on. The jersey performs in a good range of temperatures - the recycled fabric offers excellent breathability and wicking properties that shine in hot weather and on short, intense rides. Roomy rear pockets offer enough space for provisions associated with longer rides. Our only reservations come with the delicate nature of the fabric and its tendency to cling to odours.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +


  • +


  • +

    Understated design

  • +

    Recycled fabric

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Delicate fabric

  • -

    Odours cling to fabric

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Velocio’s Signature Jersey is probably the most versatile jersey in their range, designed to meet the needs of those who prioritise comfort but don’t want to compromise on performance.

With no less than eleven colors to chose from and sizes ranging from XXS to 3XL, it will appeal to a huge number of riders. But how does it perform when compared to the best women's cycling jerseys? Read on to find out...

Velocio Women's Signature jersey: construction

The Signature falls well in-line with Velocio’s ethos of sustainability. The exceptionally soft and stretchy jersey is made from recycled high gauge fabric (82% recycled polyester, 12% elastane). It’s perforated form makes it breathable and quick drying but, encouragingly, it still offers UPF30 sun protection. Velocio claim that the jersey uses ‘size-specific patterning to provide an excellent fit to a broader range of body types’.

The Signature doesn’t boast any kind of laser cut finishing or bonded hems, just conventional stitched seams and edges. These are professional and clean looking. The baseline hem is elasticated and lined with silicone for extra stability.

Silicone lined hem of the Velocio Women's Signature jersey

(Image credit: Emma Silversides)

The three rear pockets feature an anti-sag design and there’s a zipped valuables pocket too.

Rear pockets of the Velocio Women's Signature jersey

(Image credit: Emma Silversides)

Branding is subtle, as is reflective detailing on the sleeves and right side. The jersey closes using a lightweight YKK CamLock zipper with double zipper garage.

Velocio Women's Signature jersey: the ride

Pulling on the Signature is a pleasure; its soft fabrics stretch to accommodate you. It feels cosy against bare skin but goes happily over a base layer and arm warmers too. The zipper is certainly stiffer than most: lowering it while riding (with just one hand) is not possible… it’s a two handed job. For sure this is something that would be good to see improved in the future.

There’s decent length in both the body and sleeve, no one should be left wanting here. The neckline strikes a good balance: it’s low enough for you to feel airflow at the front, but substantial enough at the rear for you to sense protection from chill.

I’ve been able to use the jersey in a variety of temperatures, on long, short, steady and intense rides. It has performed well in every scenario. In warm weather, without a base layer, the fabric wicks well and dries out quickly. In milder conditions, it offers protection with a minimal base layer while retaining it’s breathability. I’d say it would also stretch to performing as a mid-layer: it’s thin enough to sit under a long sleeve jersey.

The pockets have stretched to accommodate anything I’ve thrown at them. Whilst they don’t sag, I’d be a little sceptical about the durability of the fabric at the attachment points if they pockets were being regularly heavily loaded: there’s no reinforcement here, just a small amount of stitching.

Stitching at pockets of the Velocio Women's Signature jersey

(Image credit: Emma Silversides)

I’d put the Signature into an ‘all-rounder’ category: it performs on every kind of ride and a good range of temperatures, with fabrics that strike the perfect balance between being racey and comfortable. However, after several weeks of testing, it’s apparent that the fabrics aren’t ‘perfect’… The jersey is indeed very soft and lightweight, but this makes it somewhat vulnerable to abrasion: the piling you can see below has been caused by a protruding banana (on one single ride). It hasn’t affected performance and can only be seen on very close inspection.

Piling at rear of the Velocio Women's Signature jersey

(Image credit: Emma Silversides)

Sadly, the recycled polyester holds odours. If you work up a sweat while out riding, the jersey will need a wash before you head out again (unless you don’t mind the whiff of your own body odour). Ride alone and this might not be an issue, ride with a group and you might get yourself a reputation!

Velocio Women's Signature jersey: value and conclusion

Velocio is premium kit with a price tag to match. That said, the $179 / £148 RRP of the Signature Jersey is still less than the eyewatering $219.00 Jelenew’s Glider Short Sleeve Jersey. Velocio is one of the only premium brands committed to sustainability across the vast majority of its range, so investment is worthy. The Signature’s versatility also goes some way to justifying the expenditure. However, there are undeniably cheaper options out there, with some even boasting recycled fabrics. For example, Lusso claim to use ‘sustainable fabrics’ for its $88 / £80 Lightweight Aero Jersey.

The Signature Jersey is a super option for those who want a close fitting jersey that doesn’t feel uncomfortably compressive. Its versatility and eco-credentials go a long way to justify the price but watch out for the delicate, odour-clinging fabric.

Velocio Women's Signature jersey: specs

  • Sizes: XXS-3XL
  • Colors: Oxide Red, Pine, Moonrock, Peri, Black Cherry, Sky, Navy, Light Olive, White, Black. Mango.
  • Weight (M): 113g

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