Gore C7 Long Distance bib shorts

Part of Gore’s new C7 range, the Long Distance+ bib shorts are designed for optimal pad placement

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  • Comfortably airy fabric
  • Good pad placement from Gore’s C7 architecture
  • Hemless leg grippers
  • Comfortable straps
  • Plenty of reflectives


  • On the pricey side
  • Short bibs when standing

Price as reviewed:


  • Gore’s latest C7 bib short range was launched last November, with three designs: the £220 C7 Race, the £160 C7 Vent and the £180 C7 Long Distance, tested here, sitting in the middle.

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    At the heart of the new bib short range is Gore’s Central Core Architecture. Rather than starting off by designing the shorts then fitting the pad into them, this starts by working out where the pad should sit on the rider’s body and designing the straps and body fabric to keep it there.

    The result is a set of core panels rather like a mankini, to which Gore adds the leg and body fabric to form the complete shorts.

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    So there’s excellent placement of the Cytech-made pad, which although not thick is made from high density foam padding under the sit bones, with a central channel but otherwise a smooth profile and a soft fabric covering.

    Gore C7 Long Distance

    The panels of the C7 bib short range are designed to support the pad and keep it in place

    The front of the pad, over the groin, is made from a thin piece of Gore Windstopper fabric, rather than the more usual foam. It’s more comfortable than the latter, while the fabric’s breeze prevention is welcome, particularly when riding in UK spring conditions. It should also work well on high altitude summer descents, when windchill can become uncomfortable.

    The rest of the Gore C7 Long Distance+ bib shorts is made from a lightweight knitted fabric, that’s soft and comfortable for longer rides and provides plenty of airflow to keep you cool. There are few seams, they are flatlocked and displaced from the inside of the legs, so there’s little chance of rubbing. The legs have raw edges, so there’s no seam, just a silicone band around part of the hem, that keeps them in place well.

    In the top half, Gore uses wide, flat, hemless straps, with a long yoke of thin mesh connecting them at the rear. They are comfortable when riding and do a good job of keeping the pad in place, but when standing, like Castelli’s straps, were a bit short on me meaning it should be ideal all ride long.

    The fit of the bottom half is close, but stretchy enough to accommodate different body shapes and the front of the shorts sits low to help keep you cool.

    The Gore C7 Long Distance+ bib shorts look to be a really good option for longer rides in warm conditions, with a quality, comfortable feel. There are plenty of grey reflectives too, if you do find you are out towards dusk. These include Gore logos on the bottom of the legs and the rear as well as reflective chevrons at the hip.


    The Gore C7 Long Distance+ bib shorts give a really comfortable ride, particularly in warmer weather, with the pad staying where it should be through many stand-sit cycles. There are plenty of reflectives too.


    Weight: 166g
    Contact: www.gorewear.com